Private Screening

Thanks so much to all of you for tuning in to watch ‘Adventure Guides’ on The Outdoor Channel this past weekend. I appreciate all of your kind comments, I really do. It’s all in good fun of course. But I was excited to see the show! With short notice I was hard-pressed to finagle a [...]

Just In Time For An Oscar Nod

The Headhunters episode of ‘Adventure Guides’ airs this weekend on the Outdoor Channel with a brief fishing cameo from your truly. Actually, it first aired this morning but I missed it because I was busy hoisting my canoe down to the water about to do an interview on Team Paddlefish for our local CBS affiliate. [...]

Pick A Number

Since the server has been acting bewitchy and I haven’t caught a fish to write about in ages, I’ve taken to cleaning out my desk drawers instead of writing blogposts. Okay fine, so we all know I wasn’t really cleaning, but I was in fact rifling through a drawer searching for a piece of stationery [...]

The Doughnuts Were Scrumptious

I had such fun on Saturday with my friends at Fly South here in Nashville. They rolled out a fine spread of Krispy Kremes, hot coffee, mango mimosas and bloody marys. We had a great turnout, and hopefully I didn’t bore everyone with my presentation on Montana trout fishing – heaven knows that’s a topic [...]

This Bird Is Getting Ready to Fly South

I am overwhelmed by feelings of nostalgia and memories of family traditions. Wistful, light-hearted notions of carefree days and the sound of laughter with friends. Now while I am preparing to travel to Nashville this week for the holidays, it’s not the Yule Tide season or the thought of rocking around the Christmas tree that [...]

The Triple Entendre Is Back: “Sunrise”

1. Sunrise Flyshop, Melrose Montana I first crossed paths with the guys at Sunrise last May in Virginia City. I was on the girls fishing trip and we ventured off the ranch one evening for dinner at Banditos and a little entertainment at the Virginia City Follies. During intermission our not-so-subtle group of nine caused [...]

He Must Keep His Cape in His Dry Bag

This past summer The Professor and I were floating the Big Hole, leapfrogging section after section with another couple in a bright blue skiff. Sun was hot and fishing slowish. We cruised close enough at point for a brief exchange. He was a guide with a rare day off. We were from Texas & Alabama. [...]

Living on The Lamb

After floating the Madison, we couldn’t think of a better way to top off our day than dipping into Bandito’s for dinner up at the bar. Appetizers included Justin’s super delish margaritas (I’m a rocks-no-salt girl) and the Queso Fundido which has chorizo, potatoes, poblano chiles, onion and Monterey Jack cheese. Wrap it up in [...]

Beartooth & Nail

Over the years the Professor has become good friends with Nancy & Dan Delekta of Beartooth Flyfishing on the Madison River. You’ve probably heard of Dan’s fly tying legacy and his line of patterns, called Delektables. If you’ve been in the store, you definitely know Nancy, who is quick with a warm welcome and a [...]

Phone Home for Extra Terrestrials

If you’re fishing in Southwest Montana right now, you are going to need plenty of terrestrials. I have just returned from a 5-day fishing trip out there, and it was all about grasshoppers, ants and beetles. We caught a few on small dries, threw streamers with no luck (although others were doing well with them.) But [...]

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