Dirty Shame


Rolled into southwest Montana last Friday and The Professor and I went straight to Virginia City for dinner at Bandito’s. Do you think Justin is excited to see me or telling me to hit the bricks? We decided to interpret it as a warm welcome. The Professor ordered up one of Justin’s badass margaritas and as [...]

The Monster Mash


We did the mash. We did the monster mash. After a couple of tough days on the Missouri we were prepared for a fun float yesterday, managing expectations and hoping to drag a few up from the bottom of this swollen river. We ventured out late in the afternoon and it didn’t take long for [...]

Blue Ribbon Trout Water


The Missouri continued to rage at over 11,000 cfs yesterday so we had to go low. No, not with nymphs, but to the bottom of the cooler where the beer was really really cold. In fact while others had great success running teeny nymphs about ten feet down, we were stubbornly determined to catch them [...]

Gittin’ Craigy With It


Well my first day back in Craig was everything you’d hope for — other than a raging river about 10K cfs, lots of wind, and few rising fish. But conditions aside, it was a blast to see old friends and the fishing season in Camp Craig is in full swing. It was a highlight to [...]

Next Year I’m Selling Ad Space on Little Chick’s Camp Trunk

Even though it doesn’t start for another ten days, we are in full swing getting ready for summer camp. Little Chick decided she needed a little more flair on her camp trunk this year, but the only stickers I have are fishing related, save the one from our local organic market. So forget Hannah Montana. [...]

Aye, There’s The Rub

You may have noticed that there isn’t a category on this blog titled “Food & Recipes“. It’s no secret that I am not known for my culinary skills. Best I can recall, the only post I’ve ever done on my cooking capabilities was about my flyfishing cupcakes. And technically I didn’t cook them, I just [...]

Water Water Everywhere, And So My Fly Must Sink

May is a precarious time to fish in Montana. Rivers are swollen with extra water and moving high and fast. Our Girls Trip occurred just before the hatches really turned on. There were a few callibaetis fluttering about with sporadic rises here and there, but apparently not enough to get the fish to key-in on [...]

Defining Lines

Anglers know something of lines. Wet a line, throw a line, mend your line, strip line, feed line. Slack in your line…or better yet, tension on your line. Lines and patterns are all around us, both in fishing and in life. If you’re a mom, you know there is a fine line between doing something [...]

Forward My Calls to the Hen House

Don’t fret if things are a little quiet in here over the next few days. I am running away — but not for long, I promise. I’m headed to Montana for a GIRLS fishing trip, and I am so excited! Eight chicks fishing and hanging out for an entire week….I am quite literally, tickled pink. [...]

Purple Haze

My mother loves to fish the Purple Haze pattern, she absolutely loves it. And she should, she seems to catch a hell of a lot of fish with that fly! Last summer we parked on a school of rising fish and she pulled them out one right after the next with that bug. That said, [...]

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