Take It To The Bank

And when I say ‘bank’ I mean inches off the bank. Subtle rises in super skinny glassy water. Dry flies and big skies. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but this day on the river was absolutely priceless.

Stockholm Syndrome in The 406

Summertime has taken me hostage and I will admit that I am showing signs of loyalty to my captor. I am so so so sorry for the continued silence. Mea culpa. But Summertime is keeping me out here in Montana and makes it awfully difficult to find access to the Internet or decent cell service. [...]

Who Needs A Pot of Gold?

I’ll just take the rainbow.  

Back To The River

Sorry for the radio silence here on FFC. I was home in Austin for one little ole week, and I was in 100% mommy-mode. Little Chick is officialy at sleepaway camp for the first time ever…..ah!! (No tears, no tears.) So now I am back in Montana where the rivers are high and my internet [...]

Goin’ with the Flow & the Snow

I returned home last night from an fantastic week in Montana, floating both The Smith and The Missouri. Despite a mid-June snowstorm and incredibly fast moving rivers, our group caught fish and laughed so hard we hurt ourselves. I’m still wrestling with reality so I will have to panel back later with a more detailed [...]

On Life and Latrines

My parents have a long standing love affair with The Smith River in Montana. They have floated it every year for the last decade, maybe longer. I used to give them unmitigated grief that I was never invited to join them. I would hear the stories. See the pictures. Watch the videos. But I was [...]

It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Anglers

A few weeks ago Tim Romano wrote a post on his FlyTalk blog titled Women In Fly Fishing. Tim and I had a brief exchange about the questions he posed in the piece: “Ladies, are you the sole angler in your circle of friends?” “Did your mom teach you how to fish?” “If you don’t [...]

Getting Baked

I’ll be honest, I used to think allergies and heat strokes were for the weak at heart. I saw them as psychosomatic urban myths, brought on by the more serious condition of having no spine. But then I moved to Austin and discovered the unique torture that is cedar fever, and then I spent last [...]

They’d Rather Have Dogs Than Wives

My buddy Lance Gleason is a Missoula-based outfitter and fishing guide. He owns 406 Outfitters & Productions and put together this video called “Getting Guided“. He’s got some pretty cool footage, check it out…

A Sweet Take on The Blackfoot

Since the moment my daughter, Little Chick, picked up a flyrod, she has received no shortage of instruction, advice and input. Diligently she would practice with her Orvis 4-wt seven-foot rod. And finally last year one tip brought everything into focus for her: Lift your rod like you’re bringing a telephone up to your ear, [...]

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