Keen on Bass


Robert Earl Keen sings about bass. Webb Pierce sings about fillin’ it up to the brim. Hmmm…Bass & Bream. Well, I am singing about both here in South Alabama! As it turns out, the Professor’s tennis game served up a gem of a fishing opportunity for us. A friend from his tennis team, nicknamed Hammer [...]

Red Headed Stranger

“The yellow-haired lady was buried at sunset; The stranger went free, of course. For you can’t hang a man for killin’ a woman, Who’s tryin’ to steal your horse.” – Red Headed Stranger Most of the time Willie Nelson is sharing the stage with someone who’s picking the steel-guitar, but it seems this Willie Nelson [...]

Basketball Trash Talk and Angling Ass Kissing

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: There is nothing ‘healthy’ about the rivalry between Carolina and Duke. Ooh, I hope you weren’t rooting for the losers yesterday. It was a great afternoon for college basketball fans. Little Chick and I joined the Austin Carolina Club at The Tavern to cheer my [...]

Birds Do It And You Should Too

One of my favorite things to do in winter is fly south. That’s right, when the winter holidays roll around, this bird flies home to Nashville, and I always make it a point to visit my friends at Fly South flyshop down on Music Row. Fly South is as good as it gets. Not only [...]

I’m Sorry Governor, Were You Trying to Sleep?

So I’ve got some news. And an embarrassing story. But first, the news. Those of you who reside outside of Texas probably already know that we are a pretty proud people here in the Lone Star State. Which is why I have been disappointed the past couple of years that the Drake Film Tour (aka [...]

Hooked One Hell Of A Pig

Okay, so that is a bit of a pig-in-a-poke because of course it’s not a pig-thick trout, nor can I claim this feral creature as my own. To be honest I don’t think it’s very ladylike to refer to trout as “pigs”. I tend to leave that testosterone fishing lingo to the boys. Because as [...]

Modelo Behavior

Been pretty nuts around here with holiday madness — not to mention some actual work. But I was thrilled to take some time out last week to meet up with G SMOLT who left Alaska for a spell and found himself kicking around my Austin neighborhood. We had some good laughs over hot sauce and [...]

Dead Relatives Are Not Eligible

From a boat ramp on the Big Hole to a coffee shop in Austin. Funny where this little cult – uh, I mean sport – will take us. And this time you may actually benefit from my most recent small-world encounter. Let me explain. You may recall that on my trip to Montana just a [...]

Keepin’ The Grass Blue and The Fish Red

Was cruising past the greatest music venue of all time, The Continental Club, and noticed The Meat Purveyors on the Thursday night marquis. Had to swing in and support my buddy, Pete, the mandolin player. Pete and I first met through our local TU chapter and in a weird twist we ran into each other [...]

Mr. Big

Regular FFC reader Harry sent pictures of his buddies’ big fish that he caught on The Big Hole. Pretty spectacular…

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