You Spin Me Right Round Baby

As I mentioned the other day I haven’t been fishing in awhile. The one exception? A couple of weeks ago I was in Alabama and got to venture out in the lower Mobile River Delta for speckled trout. Unfortunately my trusty guide made the faulty assumption that I had previous experience with a spinning rod. [...]

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

There’s only one place to go after a really swanky dinner….your local dive bar. And last Friday was no exception. I stepped out to a wonderful new restaurant called Olivia’s where I enjoyed delicious pan-seared scallops and a fantastic celebration with some of my most favorite people in the world. Plus, all the while I [...]

Reef Donkeys and Meat Fishing

Last night I was so cavalier, dare I say even a bit cocky. I falsely thought I was prepared to leave town tomorrow for seven days. Today is a much different story. I am crazed trying to get some last minute packing done, so I barely have a moment to spare, much less the brainpower [...]

Off The Fence

In my last post I blatantly stole a topic from FlyTalk because the comment thread was wildly entertaining and I just couldn’t resist moving the party over here to keep it going awhile longer. You all did not disappoint! Your comments have been thoughtful and dishy. So it’s time for me to climb down off [...]

Beef or Pork?

One thing I hope you’ve noticed about this blog is that I like to keep the overall tone positive. I try hard not to throw anyone under the bus except myself — which is hard because there are some real idiots out there who are practically begging me to mock them. But I’m not taking [...]

Tunes, Toobs & Trout

Okay, so we only saw two out of three on the river over Memorial Day. It was a straight-up, knock-it-back, hill country honkytonk holiday weekend. The trout were likely hunkered down low, shuddering in fear and mocking us all as we devolved into my favorite variety of the human species, The Hillbillius Redneckus. Joke is [...]

Almost As Much Freedom As The Birthday Suit

Move over Simms. Look out Cloudveil. Who needs waders when you’ve got the Cricketeer?   Granted the ad doesn’t say anything about its wicking potential, but hey, this suit stretches, twists, bends and is wrinkle-resistant. Seems like perfect river attire for The Gentleman Angler. So if The Cricketeer does anything you can, what will you [...]

Life Is a Game of Inches

On any given day you’re going to have your ass handed to you on the river. Like yesterday. I gave those fish everything I had. I left my soul in that riverbed, to no avail. Finally I retreated to the banks to join the beer drinkers and languish in the early evening heat. But we [...]

When In Doubt, Spoon It Out

Nothing in this big ole bad world of fly fishing tickles me more than a Spoon Casting Clinic. Perhaps you haven’t heard the term (I’m working on the copyright) but I know you know what I’m talking about. It’s when you are casting so badly that your guide can no longer explain, in words, all [...]

Going Gruene

Back in February I ventured down to Gruene to fish the Guadalupe and play with friends. Clear water, cold beer, hungry fish, lots of laughs. It was a pretty great way to spend a day…

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