And There Were Bonefish Too


Needless to say I am completely obsessed with the horrible murder that happened right in San Pedro when we were in Belize last weekend. And the bizarro actions of internet mogul John McAfee (computer anti-virus pioneer, yes that McAfee) who is wanted for questioning as a person of interest but is now on the run [...]

Megalops Megafun


There’s really no graceful way to ease into this announcement so I will just shout it out: I CAUGHT MY FIRST TARPON! Like all the way caught for real. To the net. You may have heard some screaming and commotion from the general direction of the Caribbean the other day? Well that was me on [...]

Tastes Like Chicken

chicken drop

I don’t know what it says about me that I gravitate toward places that have chicken pooping competitions. Tomorrow the Professor and I head down to Belize for a little romance & little bonefishing. (For you non-fisher types those are separate activities. Geez! Pervs.) And I imagine we’ll have to spend Wednesday night at the [...]

Meanwhile, A Few Parishes Away…


Nothing screams “Gone Fishing in South Louisiana!” quite like a Moonpie Hat and camouflage. Not to mention a big ole redfish in your hands. And you make it all look good, baby! Hubba hubba. While I was gallivanting around New Orleans on my girls trip, the Professor and my dad were about an hour or [...]

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

fly fish chick big hole 2008

Don’t feel sorry for me when I tell you that we won’t be making our fall trip out to Montana this year. As blue as I am about it, I’d feel guilty if I stirred your pity for me, since the reason we can’t go is because we’ve added a very exciting trip to Belize [...]

Oh Yeah, We’re Realer Than The Easter Bunny. Word.


Have you ever seen this hilarious Diet Dr. Pepper commercial with the “I Exist!” support group that includes Santa, Big Foot, the Easter Bunny, a Leprechaun, and the Tooth Fairy? Well, clearly they forgot to invite another oft-dismissed, vaguely defined, and seemingly mythical cast of characters: Fly Fishing Bloggers. [CLICK HERE to watch the ad [...]

Mississippi Redfish Blues


Muddy waters. Just like our last trip over the Mississippi marsh in September, yesterday we found the water to be dingy and off color. While we did find one area with some clarity, overall the water was murky making it hard to sight fish for reds. We saw plenty of crabs, stingray, mullet and bait [...]

Flip For It

spring creek shot

Who wouldn’t flip head over heels for spring creek action like this? Apparently I’ve been living under a rock like some early stage larva nymph because I just discovered this cool fishing video yesterday while working like a madwoman (wasting time on StumbleUpon.) It’s by Todd Moen Creative and it’s called Heads or Tails. At [...]

High Tech in the Low Country

photo 1

If you read my previous post you know we covered a lot of ground in Charleston last weekend. Unfortunately the only stone we left unturned was redfishing. It was hard to look out across those beautiful marshes and not have the time (or gear) to get out there and sneak up on some tailing reds… [...]

I Sang Like A Bird

fly fish chick interrogation

  The glare of the hot lights, the stark walls of the interrogation room closing in on me, the long hours, the lack of sleep…I told him everything he wanted to hear. Okay, okay, so it wasn’t like that at all. When Chris Hunt from the website, Eat More Brook Trout, asked if he could [...]

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