The Creole Quadrant

We were in Mobile last week and as part of my birthday celebration I had requested a morning on the water, redfishing over in Mississippi. Due to an abundance of Friday night birthday fun involving rich food, red wine, and decadent birthday cake, we were a little slower than planned out of the gate Saturday [...]

Labor of Love

We flew out to Montana on Wednesday to kick off Labor Day weekend and I already know what you’re going to say. “Why the hell is she celebrating Labor Day since she spent the entire summer on vacation? What kind of labor is she taking a break from?” Well, stand down my friend and let [...]

Karma Is a Snap

Considering I rarely drink milk and am one of the few women in my age group not constantly gnawing on calcium chews like a teenage boy with a wad of tobacco, I am pretty impressed with my natural bone strength which was mightily tested this weekend vis a vis an airborne push pole that became [...]

Piscatorial Pictorial

My husband and my dad returned a week ago from their bonefish trip in the Bahamas but I am just now getting a chance to share the pics. For those of you out there who have been waiting a lot longer to hear back from me or get whatever it is you need from me, [...]

Green House Effect

  I wish I were wearing my lucky green Cloudveil fishing shirt and chasing bonefish in the Bahamas, but sadly this picture is from a few years back. Today finds me sitting in my house green with envy as my husband and my dad are in the Bahamas without me. Alas, I am but a [...]

One Fish Two Fish Redfish Crawfish

At the start of this spring break week (back during our Sun-Mon New Orleans stint) my dad and the Professor were set to go redfishing with Louisiana guide, Brian Carter. Unfortunately the weather was crudola, cloudy and windy, so they had to call a raincheck. No worries, my mom and Little Chick and I enjoyed [...]

Lagniappe Juice

“Lagniappe” is a term frequently used on the Gulf Coast and it means “a little something extra.” Well, we enjoyed a little something extra on our family spring break today in the form of a truly one-of-a-kind flyshop. In downtown Fairhope Alabama there is a quaint cottage struture called The Church Mouse. Proprieters Spencer and [...]

Crane Hatch in Austin. No–not this kind.

I am used to seeing a hatch of these cranes along the Austin skyline…   but I’ve never seen a hatch of actual crane flies here. As in the bug variety. Also known as Mosquito Hawks. I’ve just never seen them here before, but lately these bugs have been everywhere: They’re on my bathroom ceiling, in the kitchen [...]

Water Fowl Play

There is something fishy about these ducks propped in a chair having just been plucked off the wall, but it’s not as malicious as it sounds. Since I have just watched the movie Moneyball, I’d like to think of these ducks as being traded, not flat out cut. Yall know that the Professor is an [...]