One Pho the Money, Two Pho the Show

elizabeth st pho

I have been hankering to try a new Vietnamese-French bistro in my hood called Elizabeth Street Cafe, which has an awesome sign that boasts “Noodles-Banh Mi-Boulangerie”. Well, I went for the first time today and loved it. Inherently my taste buds lean French but I did some homework on Vietnamese fare and have to say [...]

Kids Writing Contest (for a chance to win a rod and reel!)

troutfest logo

Calling all Texas kids who like to fish and want to write about it: This is your chance to win a TFO flyrod and reel! This is a cool opportunity and I am very excited to serve as a judge in GRTU’s first annual Kids Writing Contest. Here’s the scoop… GRTU (Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited) [...]

Low Sodium


Apparently, there is an actual medical term for the acute condition from which I am currently suffering: Hyponatremia. In layman’s terms, that means salt deficiency. Salt deficiency? Oh yeah, I’ve got it, got it real bad. You see, I have absolutely zero saltwater trips on the calendar. I realize how good I had it with [...]


paddlefish book launch

On Saturday, the Professor and I took advantage of a gorgeous morning in South Alabama and headed over to the boat launch to try and catch redfish on the fly. It was also the launch of our new motor.  You see, unfortunately a couple of weeks ago, the motor was stolen off our boat. It’s [...]

Family Style

It’s as if I placed the fly right in the middle of the dining room table. Like setting a platter of fried chicken in front of a hungry family, blessing-said, napkins in laps, rarin’ to eat. I saw this redfish tailing, aimed for it, and quickly realized there were actually three fish bearing down on [...]

NEWSFLASH: Ringo Starr No Longer Most Famous Drummer

My friend Palmer is:

Cover Me I’m Going In

I’m about as current as leg warmers these days. I’m going about 1000 different directions (things like school supplies and science textbook covers) so mea culpa if this seems like old news to you, but I am very excited. I just got copies of the two biggest fly fishing books of 2011. Departure Publishing (yes, [...]

Shut Your Key Lime Pie Hole

When I went to Belize in January on the Girls Trip we had homemade key lime pie that was so good it brought a tear to the eye. The only downside about peeling off to bonefish for two days was that I was missing out on the key lime pie back at the house. We [...]

Kiss My Bass

Sorry I haven’t written on the blog lately. From the very second I arrived home from our basstastic good time at Lake Toho, I have been chained to my computer tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard on my book. I’m racing the clock on the final weeks until my (revised) deadline. Assuming all things go according [...]

Chick Versus Bass

Friends, I am writing with a very quick pictureless iphone update from Celebration Florida where the Professor and I have wrapped up a four day trip with the Bass2Billfish TV show.We fished Lake Toho hard for two days looking for bass. Spoiler alert: I caught something that I can’t wait to show you.I will share [...]

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