It’s a Troutapalooza!

Our local Trout Unlimited chapter, GRTU, Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited, the largest TU chapter in the country, and all-around over-achievers, have planned a Texas-sized Troutfest this year and you are invited: Feb 18-20. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Central Texas you do not want to miss the family-friendly activities on the Guadalupe [...]

Don’t Stop Beliezing

As you may recall I went to Belize last month with a group of college girlfriends to collectively celebrate our 40th birthdays. I have been dying to give you all a detailed fishing report of my two days chasing bonefish but life has me going a thousand directions. Mommy-mode, wife-mode, and of course…working on writing [...]

More Tails and Fins Than The Cadillac Ranch

A full report of my Belize trip is in the works. Stay tuned…

Muddy Waters

In three days I head to Belize for a 40th birthday trip with my college girl friends. Technically not a fishing trip, but how could I pass up the opportunity to look for bonefish, and potentially….I don’t want to get too excited here…but my first-ever permit? The Professor has hooked me up with his favorite [...]

Are Gluten-Free Streamers Next?

Salivate over this picture while I tell you about the super-hero woman who raised the fisherman who caught this beautiful beast. My good friend Melissa lives in Colorado and this is her son, an avid flyfisher. While Melissa doesn’t fish herself, she is a longtime FFC reader. She is a yoga master, big-time skier, and [...]

I Probably Needed Beer Goggles For This Instead of Trout Goggles.

I have trout on the brain these days. Perhaps it’s because like many of you, I am in the dead center of the winter trout-fishing black hole. The furthest point on the calendar from when I will be on a trout stream in Montana. Of course I am surrounded by Texas Hill Country trout and [...]

Let Them Eat Trout. Cake.

My parents hosted a post-wedding celebration for us a few days ago and instead of going with traditional holiday fare for dessert, my mom surprised us with this incredibly life-like trout cake. It was unbelievable.My dad measured it with a tape measure then challenged the Professor to guess how big the trout was, and I [...]

I Was Hot On The Rabbit Trail But Lost My Scent

I was was intently searching my computer hunting for a superb fishing video of Little Chick catching trout on the Blackfoot this summer when I was thoroughly knocked off track by countless random photos I came across in what can only be described as a mysterious filing system I once created. Little Chick’s fishing story [...]

If the Keys Won’t Have Me, Maybe Venice Will

Last week the Professor and I fished two days in the MS marsh looking for redfish. As you know we had success on the first day, but the very next morning fish were scarce and skittish. Which gave me more time to try my hand at poling the skiff. I can’t believe how hard it [...]

Loaded Potato Skins

It’s been a long and harried week that – the kind that could lead a person to transport a finicky printer out to a field and destroy it gangsta style with a baseball bat. Instead, the Professor suggested we play hooky on this gorgeous Friday morning and chase redfish over in the Mississippi marsh for [...]

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