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Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

I am traveling to Mobile tomorrow and working on my packing list: Now as yall know, I’ve had more than just a wee bit of bad luck with the weather getting in the way of recent winter redfishing attempts in Louisiana. But we are all set, once again, to fish in Hopedale this Sunday with [...]

Red Rover, Red Rover

After three autumn trips to Mississippi which yielded one small redfish, we decided to cure the winter fishing blues by roving over to Louisiana to look for big reds. We planned two trips in January, one of which was a couple of weeks ago. I geared up and flew to Mobile where the Professor and [...]

Plead The Fifth

This past weekend the Professor and I were enjoying a soggy evening with a little red vino while trying to determine the top five fly-fishing books of all time. We reached consensus pretty quickly on four great reads, but the jury is still out on the fifth slot. Take a look at what we came [...]

My Huckleberry Friend

Time to get back in the canoe. With less than five months to train for the Texas Water Safari, I am definitely starting to feel the pressure. I’m gathering up all my cold weather fishing gear/clothing to resume paddle training this week. I’m not going to look like a professional paddler, that’s for certain, but [...]

Austin Texas: Keeping Fly Fishing Weird

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: 2010 DRAKE FLY FISHING FILM TOUR – BACK IN AUSTIN TX BIGGER BADDER WILDER WEIRDER TUESDAY APRIL 27th SAVE THE DATE. Get out your calendars and mark down the date because we are bringing the film tour back to Austin, my friends! After last year’s red-hot Austin show, we are really going to [...]

Fly Tying 101 A Lot Like Water Ballet

I am  in Nashville for the holidays so my dad sat me down at the vise for my first ever fly tying lesson. I’ve been wanting my own stash of buzzballs – as many as I want, whenever I want – so I am now inspired to try my hand at tying. So far, I’ve [...]

Mele Kalikimaka

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but over the past few years I’ve become more and more intrigued with visiting the 50th state. What’s peaked my interest, you ask? Well, here are the top 5 reasons: 5. I kinda like that crazy University of Hawaii mascot, Vili The Warrior Even though he offended University of Houston [...]

Don’t Tell Little Chick’s Teacher Why Her Homework Isn’t Finished

Tonight Little Chick and I attended a Casting for Recovery benefit where they premiered the fishing film RISE after a two-hour fly fishing mixer. Local clubs, shops, authors and guides were all in attendance and it was a nice escape to chat and relax. I’m not sure when or how, but in the food court [...]

Lift and Separate…Rise and Shine

I would like to encourage Austin-area angling enthusiasts to step out for an evening of fishing films and tata karma. Next Tuesday 12/8 the Texas chapter of Casting for Recovery is hosting a premiere of RISE, the latest movie from Confluence Films. As we all know, Casting for Recovery helps thousands of breast cancer survivors [...]

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