A Pinch Of Salt

Hoping to get lucky with the redfish this weekend, the Professor and I threw our 8-weights over our left shoulders right into the truck and dashed over to the Pascagoula Marsh for a few hours of saltwater fishing. We didn’t have a ton of time because we had to get home to catch the second [...]

Apparently We Have A Pretty Deep Bench

With thirteen UNC players suspended – eight of them starters – we thought Coach Butch Davis might need our help on the field last night at the season opener against LSU. After all I do have four full years eligibility in tact. So we suited up for the cause. Apparently we have a pretty deep [...]

I Really Do Love College Football

music city bowl popcorn

Here’s the honest truth. Back in early December I really really really thought Carolina was going to get a bid for the Music City Bowl here in Nashville (yes, I am still in Nashville for the holidays.) So I pulled the trigger on four tickets. Unfortunately for me, the Music City Bowl invited Kentucky and [...]

Apparently My Heisman Ballot Was Overlooked

Since these particular fish really gave me the stiff-arm this fall, I thought I would nominate them for the Heisman trophy. #1 Trout on the Jefferson River in Montana, Sept 09 Like Colt McCoy these trout are smart, alert, strong and fast. Just when I thought I was starting to figure out their game, they [...]

FFC Behind The Music

Florida saltwater angler Rob from the ‘Bad Backcast’ blog interviewed me a week or so ago. He was nice enough to ask some good, thoughtful questions and it was fun to banter about saltwater, freshwater, dogs, and womens’ fishing fashion. I thought yall might enjoy reading it: Bad Backcast Interview with FFC In the meantime [...]

Is This Thing On?

Why is it so quiet in here?!?! Alright, I know I know. I’ve been radio silent. But to tell you the truth, I have a very good excuse… I just haven’t had a damn thing to say. No self-promoting fish pictures to broadcast, no play-by-play of days on the water with family and friends, no [...]

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