A Pinch Of Salt

Hoping to get lucky with the redfish this weekend, the Professor and I threw our 8-weights over our left shoulders right into the truck and dashed over to the Pascagoula Marsh for a few hours of saltwater fishing. We didn’t have a ton of time because we had to get home to catch the second [...]

Red Rover, Red Rover

After three autumn trips to Mississippi which yielded one small redfish, we decided to cure the winter fishing blues by roving over to Louisiana to look for big reds. We planned two trips in January, one of which was a couple of weeks ago. I geared up and flew to Mobile where the Professor and [...]

And It Stoned Me

We have officially entered that phase in the calendar when fishing trips are few & far between for me, and more and more of the posts here on FFC turn to…well, food. Although this year I am also going to have plenty of anecdotes from paddle training which are already proving to be somewhat comical. [...]

Bevo Versus Babe…Revisited

Yesterday was a drippy Saturday in Mobile, AL with lots of couchtime  and college football. Out of the blue the Professor blurted out, “Let’s make ribs tonight!” So we dashed off to the store in search of babyback ribs. At first, it seemed they were out, and frustration mounted. Being the good Texas girl that [...]

Living on The Lamb

After floating the Madison, we couldn’t think of a better way to top off our day than dipping into Bandito’s for dinner up at the bar. Appetizers included Justin’s super delish margaritas (I’m a rocks-no-salt girl) and the Queso Fundido which has chorizo, potatoes, poblano chiles, onion and Monterey Jack cheese. Wrap it up in [...]

What The Hell Are They Eating?

Trying to crack the culinary code of feeding fish is an integral part of this game we all enjoy. Better anglers than I have more knowledge of entomology, and I learn a great deal listening to their suppositions, theories and predictions. I am sure both my dad and The Professor can tell you exactly what [...]

Aye, There’s The Rub

You may have noticed that there isn’t a category on this blog titled “Food & Recipes“. It’s no secret that I am not known for my culinary skills. Best I can recall, the only post I’ve ever done on my cooking capabilities was about my flyfishing cupcakes. And technically I didn’t cook them, I just [...]

Jalapeno Poppers Are Practically Kryptonite

I had this brilliant idea to roam around Austin with a video camera during South By Southwest, putting up FFFT posters while trying to catch a music celeb who might give us a little video testimonial to help promote the show. I thought I could film them saying something like, “When SXSW wraps up, pretty [...]

They Finally Just Had to Whiskey Me Away From Tennessee

In the dark of night. After two and a half weeks in Nashville for the holidays, Little Chick and I finally returned to Austin last night…under duress. We had soooo much fun, it was a difficult and wrenching process to pack up the steamer trunks and venture home last night. And WHY exactly was I [...]

Modelo Behavior

Been pretty nuts around here with holiday madness — not to mention some actual work. But I was thrilled to take some time out last week to meet up with G SMOLT who left Alaska for a spell and found himself kicking around my Austin neighborhood. We had some good laughs over hot sauce and [...]

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