I Got My Song and I Got You With Me Tonight


  Just to be clear, no diamonds were sold in the making of this birthday bash — I mean let’s not get carried away. But I can tell you that yesterday in Luckenbach TX, there weren’t nobody feelin’ no pain, least of all us. And we barely even dipped into the Shiners, we were simply high on [...]

Rising Stars Fell on Alabama Last Night

the trishas at the shed

I wasn’t the only Austin belle ringing and rocking in Alabama last night. The red-hot Austin band, The Trishas, stopped in Mobile on their southeast tour and I couldn’t believe my luck to actually be in my Hometown#2 at the right time. This young group of four uber-talented chicks is all the talk of the [...]

Chance to Win a Willie Nelson 2-disc CD set

willie nelson birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE! In honor of the red-headed stranger’s birthday, I am hosting a PADDLEFISH book promotion. The rules are simple. Buy a copy of PADDLEFISH right here anytime through this Friday 5/4 and your name will be entered into a drawing for this 2-disc CD set of Willie Nelson music. With 40 songs it [...]

Best of the Fest


People ask what type of music they have at Springfest. Some might say bluegrass. I say it’s a bluegrass jamgrass slamgrass honkygrass bluejam rootsrock southern-ass-funk blend. I am also here to report that 2012 proved to be yet another spectacular Springfest for us. We enjoyed great friends, delicious food, perfect camping, lovely weather and of [...]

I Wonder If He Is A Trout Man

western wear

As far as I’m concerned, singer songwriter Jim Lauderdale can do no wrong. Not with his velvety smooth honkytonk voice, not with his poetic, pathos-filled-yet-still-hopeful lyrics, and certainly not with his old school, southern fried, Manuel-style fashion choices. And the fact that he was born in a town called Troutman, North Carolina? Well, it just [...]

A Final Dose of Chicken Fried Therapy

cft shoehorn banner CBJ

In the silky-smooth words of Ray Price, Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over… Some of you might already know that before FLY FISH CHICK, I started a blog called CHICKEN FRIED THERAPY. I wrote stories about life as a divorced mom and all the hilarity that came along with that plus being single [...]

Don’t Turn Into a Cover Band of Your Own Music


I missed my own damn birthday! Four years ago on January 31, 2008 I wrote my first post on FLY FISH CHICK. I’m a day late but thought it was worth a bit of a retrospective since during the lifespan of this blog, so much has happened in my life. Four years. I can hardly [...]

Heart the Chart

As we speak, just about every fly-fishing professional and self-proclaimed troutnut on the planet is en route to New Orleans for the International Fly Tackle Dealer convection. I’m not much of a convention gal but I will admit I am feeling a bit envious considering I love New Orleans. And New Orleans loves me. I [...]

Paddlefish the Musical

Before I turn this post into a trippy, winding conversation about music, let me give you the latest update on the book. The publisher has posted an excerpt on his website so click here if you’d like to read Chapter Two. As exciting as it is to see my words posted on his website, I [...]

The Best Raccoon Penis Story I Have Ever Heard

Celebrity sighting stories are a dime a dozen. The “I got Drunk with Celebrity XYZ” tale really isn’t that impressive either. I mean said celeb was probably on track to get drunk anyway, you were just in the way. But my friend Jeff’s celebrity encounter has to be the greatest of all time. Jeff is [...]

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