Getting a Little Springfest Back in My Step

Well, we’ve wrapped up our third trip to the Springfest music festival in Live Oak Florida and once again I am so exhausted I can barely type. So to keep tempo with the speedgrass pickers we’ve been listening to for four days I am going to give you the rapidfire overview… First and foremost the [...]

Muddy Waters

In three days I head to Belize for a 40th birthday trip with my college girl friends. Technically not a fishing trip, but how could I pass up the opportunity to look for bonefish, and potentially….I don’t want to get too excited here…but my first-ever permit? The Professor has hooked me up with his favorite [...]

I Was Hot On The Rabbit Trail But Lost My Scent

I was was intently searching my computer hunting for a superb fishing video of Little Chick catching trout on the Blackfoot this summer when I was thoroughly knocked off track by countless random photos I came across in what can only be described as a mysterious filing system I once created. Little Chick’s fishing story [...]

Wynona’s Big Brown Beaverhead

Okay, so the only brown we caught on the Beaverhead wasn’t big at all, it was a teeny little guy, but we did have two days of primus prime primo dry fly fishing on the Beaverhead catching several nice rainbows. I caught this fish on a trico right out of the gate.   The Professor [...]

Home Sweet Home Waters

I finished the Texas Water Safari on Tuesday July 13th. By the following Sunday, hands still swollen, I scooped up Little Chick and made a beeline for Montana and the Missouri River. Football players win the Super Bowl and head to Disneyland…I head to the Mo. Don’t get me wrong, after months of training and [...]

Hardest Working Man In Fly Fishing

I have just returned from three days of fishing in Montana where the rivers are big sky high and the fish are eating way down low in funkytown. Despite these challenges we had a dynamite day fishing the Big Hole with guide and friend, Eric Thorson, who in our minds has officially earned the moniker [...]

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Feel free to spread this nugget through the rumor mill because it’s 100% true and it’s 100% good news. I am thrilled to announce that good friend Colleen Harvey with Heart Of Texas Kayaks has recently become a Team Paddlefish sponsor. But the fun doesn’t stop there! This Saturday April 10th Heart of Texas Kayaks [...]

Manskirts – Herd of Em?

Spare me all your kind-hearted emails pointing out all the typos in this post. I am exhausted, I am uninspired by reality, and my heart (and brain) are still somewhere in Live Oak Florida dancing under the fullish moon and Spanish moss. We spent the weekend camping and grooving to the music at Springfest. Those [...]

My Huckleberry Friend

Time to get back in the canoe. With less than five months to train for the Texas Water Safari, I am definitely starting to feel the pressure. I’m gathering up all my cold weather fishing gear/clothing to resume paddle training this week. I’m not going to look like a professional paddler, that’s for certain, but [...]

What Does Donna Summer Have To Do With Fishing?

It started in the Bahamas a few years ago. At the end of the final day of our trip, Stevie said, “Last cast now, this it it.” So I started casting away while crooning the Donna Summer melody ‘Last Dance’ — although I substituted my own lyrics, “Last Ca-ast…this is my last cast for a [...]

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