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The Triple Entendre Is Back: “Sunrise”

1. Sunrise Flyshop, Melrose Montana I first crossed paths with the guys at Sunrise last May in Virginia City. I was on the girls fishing trip and we ventured off the ranch one evening for dinner at Banditos and a little entertainment at the Virginia City Follies. During intermission our not-so-subtle group of nine caused [...]

Calling Dr. Bombay

Did you know that on August 19th in 1692 five people were hanged in the Salem Witch trials? A harsh punishment for innocent people who were no doubt not actually witches. For the record, while I like Sinatra’s version of the song, I do not believe in witchcraft. But what about the opposite situation? What [...]

Caviar & Cocaine


More like Tombstone Pizza and Frog’s Fanny, but hey, I like to weave in a good Charlie Robison lyric when it suits….and this is certainly one of those times. Rolling Stone has been calling. My lawyers are all tied up in slander suits with the tabloids. Paparazzi are hiding in the alley and culling through my [...]

Dirty Shame


Rolled into southwest Montana last Friday and The Professor and I went straight to Virginia City for dinner at Bandito’s. Do you think Justin is excited to see me or telling me to hit the bricks? We decided to interpret it as a warm welcome. The Professor ordered up one of Justin’s badass margaritas and as [...]

Forward My Calls to the Hen House

Don’t fret if things are a little quiet in here over the next few days. I am running away — but not for long, I promise. I’m headed to Montana for a GIRLS fishing trip, and I am so excited! Eight chicks fishing and hanging out for an entire week….I am quite literally, tickled pink. [...]

Welcome the Genius Behind Kris Kristofferson

I’m serving up something a little different today on FFC: a Guest Blogger. My former boss, Mark McKinnon, is a celebrity political strategist, a creative juggernaut, uber-athlete, a warrior in the battle against cancer, a writer for The Daily Beast, and all-around cool cat. Oh yeah, and he used to be a songwriter for Kris [...]

Purple Haze

My mother loves to fish the Purple Haze pattern, she absolutely loves it. And she should, she seems to catch a hell of a lot of fish with that fly! Last summer we parked on a school of rising fish and she pulled them out one right after the next with that bug. That said, [...]

Let’s Talk About Fishing Instead of Big Hair & Milli Vanilli

I went to Nashville last week for my 20th high school reunion. That’s right, I graduated in 1989 when Milli Vanilli ruled the airwaves, and shoulder pads were such a source of power that they rivaled the potency of Samson’s hair. And while we’re on the topic of hair….apparently bigger was better back then. I [...]

Red Drum Roll, Please…

Ta-da-da-duh! It is with great fanfare that I announce some very exciting news. I have caught my first redfish. And for my next performance….I proceeded to catch a few more after that! After the film show wrapped up last week, a group of us traveled down to Port Aransas to chase after redfish and soak [...]

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