FFC finished the TWS!

73.5 hours-incredible! So Proud of team Paddlefish!! [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

The last leg is the hardest

After another grueling day, team paddlefish made it to the last check point at 800 pm. Spirts and humor are intact, but fatigue is setting in. They shoved off at 815 to battle San Antonio Bay against howling SE winds for their final push to the finish line!Please cross your fingers! Here us FFC just [...]

It is all downstream from here

100 miles to Seadrift after team paddlefish checked in at 1035 pm tonight at the Cuero 236 checkpoint.Brutal 96 degree heat coupled with some night time hallucinations has made it a long day for team paddlefish. They are holding up well and are on the way to Victoria!Here is a picture from the Hochheim checkpoint. [...]

Off to Seadrift

FFC is on her way to the coast. As of 10pm at the Palmetto checkpoint, team paddlefish was doing great and banking hours!! Here is a photo from the Staples portage. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

Go Team

Team Paddlefish in full force at race registration. Spirits are high — and according to race officials so is the water on the lower Guadalupe near the coast. The race will start but they will monitor flooding in South Texas. In the meantime it was a great day with family, friends and fellow racers. [Posted [...]


having breakfast tacos with the chick while learning how to blog – the professor [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

The Great Race Is Finally Here.

Still gun-shy from last month’s race delay, I don’t want to jinx anything but it seems the Texas Water Safari is actually going to start tomorrow, July 10th at 9am. Ah! Can you believe it is finally time?? I am signing off from the blog until the race is done and I am back in [...]

Hardest Working Man In Fly Fishing

I have just returned from three days of fishing in Montana where the rivers are big sky high and the fish are eating way down low in funkytown. Despite these challenges we had a dynamite day fishing the Big Hole with guide and friend, Eric Thorson, who in our minds has officially earned the moniker [...]

Clif Notes

It’s been an interesting and chaotic few weeks. I am writing to you on my phone from the minneapolis airport so bear with me as I share the cliff note version of the recent roller coaster. Fifteen days ago we were geared up and ready for the texas water safari to take off. My dining [...]

I’ve Been Following Mack Brown Around for the Better Part of Four Decades

Mack Brown played football for Vanderbilt in 1970 when I arrived on the scene in Nashville, TN – as a newborn. Much later as a college freshman in 1989, I arrived in Chapel Hill just one year after Mack Brown took over as head coach there for the Tarheels. In 2000, I was two years [...]

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