Seconds Please

I must say, my friend Clif grills up a mean steak on the Green Egg – arguably the perfect way to top off an afternoon we all spent trout fishing on some spring creeks in Montana a few summers ago. But that’s not all he has up his sleeve. With his new online publishing venture, [...]

Our Lady of The Guadalupe

Last weekend Little Chick and I ventured down to Gruene with some friends to shop, see bluebonnets and hear the Belleville Outfit play at Gruene Hall. But the first thing we did when we arrived in town? Visit my friend Tiffany at Gruene Outfitters. Tiffany Fluitt owns and operates Gruene Outfitters which offers all the [...]

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Mayfly

Yesterday Banning and I did our first long training run, paddling just under 30 miles. To this point we’d only paddled on Town Lake, and seven or eight miles was our maximum. We joined Safari veteran and adventure racer, Debbie Richardson, who is in the middle of a seventeen day paddle journey covering the Colorado [...]

Ribs With A Side Of Trout

This past Tuesday I did a slideshow presentation for the Bay Area Fly Fishers in Mobile Alabama. The group meets monthly at Dreamland Barbecue to nosh on ribs, enjoy some beer, and talk about fishing. Sounds pretty dreamy – or dreamlandy—to me! I told stories about floating and camping on the Smith River and Blackfoot [...]

Ready? On Three Now…

It’s Not A Party Without Paddlefish Pastries

Well, Team Paddlefish participated in another 10K race this past weekend on Town Lake. You may recall we completed the first Town Lake race in gusting winds in 1 hour 36 minutes. This time we invited friends and family to cheer us on so we could beat our time, but more importantly, so we could [...]

Private Screening

Thanks so much to all of you for tuning in to watch ‘Adventure Guides’ on The Outdoor Channel this past weekend. I appreciate all of your kind comments, I really do. It’s all in good fun of course. But I was excited to see the show! With short notice I was hard-pressed to finagle a [...]

Pick A Number

Since the server has been acting bewitchy and I haven’t caught a fish to write about in ages, I’ve taken to cleaning out my desk drawers instead of writing blogposts. Okay fine, so we all know I wasn’t really cleaning, but I was in fact rifling through a drawer searching for a piece of stationery [...]

Hello My Name Is Chaos And I Will Be Your Server Today

Sometimes you go to a restaurant and your waiter takes everyone’s order with his hands folded behind his back, nodding and smiling at the selections without writing down a single thing. I always wonder nervously if it’s going to work out, and miraculously, most of the time it does. But sometimes your server totally screws [...]

We Sealed The Deal

I am thrilled to announce that Fire In The Gut Performance Shirts has officially agreed to sponsor Team Paddlefish. I have to say, I am excited about this on so many levels… First and foremost I can’t wait to try these shirts. Tim Grizzell, founder of FITG, is a former Navy SEAL, athlete, husband, father [...]

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