Don’t Tell Little Chick’s Teacher Why Her Homework Isn’t Finished

Tonight Little Chick and I attended a Casting for Recovery benefit where they premiered the fishing film RISE after a two-hour fly fishing mixer. Local clubs, shops, authors and guides were all in attendance and it was a nice escape to chat and relax. I’m not sure when or how, but in the food court [...]

Apparently My Heisman Ballot Was Overlooked

Since these particular fish really gave me the stiff-arm this fall, I thought I would nominate them for the Heisman trophy. #1 Trout on the Jefferson River in Montana, Sept 09 Like Colt McCoy these trout are smart, alert, strong and fast. Just when I thought I was starting to figure out their game, they [...]

Lift and Separate…Rise and Shine

I would like to encourage Austin-area angling enthusiasts to step out for an evening of fishing films and tata karma. Next Tuesday 12/8 the Texas chapter of Casting for Recovery is hosting a premiere of RISE, the latest movie from Confluence Films. As we all know, Casting for Recovery helps thousands of breast cancer survivors [...]

And It Stoned Me

We have officially entered that phase in the calendar when fishing trips are few & far between for me, and more and more of the posts here on FFC turn to…well, food. Although this year I am also going to have plenty of anecdotes from paddle training which are already proving to be somewhat comical. [...]

Bevo Versus Babe…Revisited

Yesterday was a drippy Saturday in Mobile, AL with lots of couchtime  and college football. Out of the blue the Professor blurted out, “Let’s make ribs tonight!” So we dashed off to the store in search of babyback ribs. At first, it seemed they were out, and frustration mounted. Being the good Texas girl that [...]

FFC Behind The Music

Florida saltwater angler Rob from the ‘Bad Backcast’ blog interviewed me a week or so ago. He was nice enough to ask some good, thoughtful questions and it was fun to banter about saltwater, freshwater, dogs, and womens’ fishing fashion. I thought yall might enjoy reading it: Bad Backcast Interview with FFC In the meantime [...]

Little Chick’s Favorite Fishing Pants

Three years ago we wandered across the street from Little Chick’s school into a children’s athletic store called 1379. Almost immediately I found everything I needed for our trip to Montana, namely some Patagonia pants that fit her perfectly and were ideal for the boat – not too cool, not too warm, deflect a little [...]

What Does Donna Summer Have To Do With Fishing?

It started in the Bahamas a few years ago. At the end of the final day of our trip, Stevie said, “Last cast now, this it it.” So I started casting away while crooning the Donna Summer melody ‘Last Dance’ — although I substituted my own lyrics, “Last Ca-ast…this is my last cast for a [...]

Tricked Out Name Tag

Scattered Smothered & Covered

Anyone want to buy a house in South Austin? I will make you a really good deal! You see, I am just back from a three-day fishing trip in the Keys and even though the weather was disagreeable and the fishing was tough, I am officially nailing a FOR SALE sign in my front yard [...]

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