The Triple Entendre Is Back: “Sunrise”

1. Sunrise Flyshop, Melrose Montana I first crossed paths with the guys at Sunrise last May in Virginia City. I was on the girls fishing trip and we ventured off the ranch one evening for dinner at Banditos and a little entertainment at the Virginia City Follies. During intermission our not-so-subtle group of nine caused [...]

He Must Keep His Cape in His Dry Bag

This past summer The Professor and I were floating the Big Hole, leapfrogging section after section with another couple in a bright blue skiff. Sun was hot and fishing slowish. We cruised close enough at point for a brief exchange. He was a guide with a rare day off. We were from Texas & Alabama. [...]

Living on The Lamb

After floating the Madison, we couldn’t think of a better way to top off our day than dipping into Bandito’s for dinner up at the bar. Appetizers included Justin’s super delish margaritas (I’m a rocks-no-salt girl) and the Queso Fundido which has chorizo, potatoes, poblano chiles, onion and Monterey Jack cheese. Wrap it up in [...]

Beartooth & Nail

Over the years the Professor has become good friends with Nancy & Dan Delekta of Beartooth Flyfishing on the Madison River. You’ve probably heard of Dan’s fly tying legacy and his line of patterns, called Delektables. If you’ve been in the store, you definitely know Nancy, who is quick with a warm welcome and a [...]

Phone Home for Extra Terrestrials

If you’re fishing in Southwest Montana right now, you are going to need plenty of terrestrials. I have just returned from a 5-day fishing trip out there, and it was all about grasshoppers, ants and beetles. We caught a few on small dries, threw streamers with no luck (although others were doing well with them.) But [...]

My Kingdom For A Lazy River

Last weekend we celebrated Little Chick’s birthday out at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort where I spent hours floating round and round the lazy river. I am obsessed! For a manmade, bugless, troutless river, this really can’t be beat. Anything but lazy, I went into Texas Water Safari training-mode and swam against the current. What [...]

Why Settle for A Double Entendre When Triple Is Available?

Since my last post was a tad more earthy than I’d intended, I thought I’d adjust the focus in here by superficially throwing out a literature term. Double entendre. I’ve always loved that phrase! It just sounds yummy and rich and layered. So did it work? Is the class feeling focused again? Because today we [...]

Fish Net Stalkings

Or is it fish net stockings? I can see how they came up with the term. My apologies for that mildly awkward photo and unladylike pose. Admittedly there was some chaos in the moment of that grip & grin. Heavy wind, rocks all around, and we were coming up fast on the takeout. But we [...]

Pigmalion…or Pig Out Maven?

The Team Paddlefish craze is ablaze, and I cannot wait for the serious training to begin. That said I am having a terrible time getting into the whole “healthy eating” portion of the program. In fact, I am backsliding. Despite my best intentions, this weekend was an utter gluttony tour of Austin. Breakfast tacos from [...]

Calling Dr. Bombay

Did you know that on August 19th in 1692 five people were hanged in the Salem Witch trials? A harsh punishment for innocent people who were no doubt not actually witches. For the record, while I like Sinatra’s version of the song, I do not believe in witchcraft. But what about the opposite situation? What [...]

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