Gittin’ Craigy With It


Well my first day back in Craig was everything you’d hope for — other than a raging river about 10K cfs, lots of wind, and few rising fish. But conditions aside, it was a blast to see old friends and the fishing season in Camp Craig is in full swing. It was a highlight to [...]


If you’re like me, when you hear the word “convergence” you imagine two rivers flowing together to form a new body of water. But if you actually look up the word, you will find countless definitions, including mathematical, medical, lingual, social, and financial. I was particularly intrigued with the medical definition that eye doctors use: [...]

Next Year I’m Selling Ad Space on Little Chick’s Camp Trunk

Even though it doesn’t start for another ten days, we are in full swing getting ready for summer camp. Little Chick decided she needed a little more flair on her camp trunk this year, but the only stickers I have are fishing related, save the one from our local organic market. So forget Hannah Montana. [...]

Aye, There’s The Rub

You may have noticed that there isn’t a category on this blog titled “Food & Recipes“. It’s no secret that I am not known for my culinary skills. Best I can recall, the only post I’ve ever done on my cooking capabilities was about my flyfishing cupcakes. And technically I didn’t cook them, I just [...]

Water Water Everywhere, And So My Fly Must Sink

May is a precarious time to fish in Montana. Rivers are swollen with extra water and moving high and fast. Our Girls Trip occurred just before the hatches really turned on. There were a few callibaetis fluttering about with sporadic rises here and there, but apparently not enough to get the fish to key-in on [...]

Defining Lines

Anglers know something of lines. Wet a line, throw a line, mend your line, strip line, feed line. Slack in your line…or better yet, tension on your line. Lines and patterns are all around us, both in fishing and in life. If you’re a mom, you know there is a fine line between doing something [...]

Forward My Calls to the Hen House

Don’t fret if things are a little quiet in here over the next few days. I am running away — but not for long, I promise. I’m headed to Montana for a GIRLS fishing trip, and I am so excited! Eight chicks fishing and hanging out for an entire week….I am quite literally, tickled pink. [...]

Welcome the Genius Behind Kris Kristofferson

I’m serving up something a little different today on FFC: a Guest Blogger. My former boss, Mark McKinnon, is a celebrity political strategist, a creative juggernaut, uber-athlete, a warrior in the battle against cancer, a writer for The Daily Beast, and all-around cool cat. Oh yeah, and he used to be a songwriter for Kris [...]

Mother’s Drunk But The Band Is Good

My junior year at Chapel Hill I took American literature with Dr. King who was notorious for two things: giving A’s generously and wearing his whale tie on the day on the day we kicked off Moby Dick. Dr. King’s class was wildly popular and my friends and I always staked out front row seats [...]

Still Has That New Push Pole Smell

We went in looking for leaders and tippet. We came out with a new push pole. Now typically when you think of a point-of-sale purchase, you might think of gum, a tabloid magazine, nailclippers, or maybe those little air fresheners that hang from the rearview mirror. Not a push pole priced to sell. But hey, [...]

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