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About To Be Exhumed

ex-hume — (verb) to revive or restore after neglect or a period of forgetting; to bring to light. (Oh yeah, and it also has that other creepy meaning…something about digging up a buried body.) Another year has eeked along and now it is finally here: my annual trip to Exuma with my parents. Of course [...]

Jalapeno Poppers Are Practically Kryptonite

I had this brilliant idea to roam around Austin with a video camera during South By Southwest, putting up FFFT posters while trying to catch a music celeb who might give us a little video testimonial to help promote the show. I thought I could film them saying something like, “When SXSW wraps up, pretty [...]

An Essay on Spring Creeks: Part III

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast” – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man * * * According to Greek mythology, Pandora actually held Hope in the box a little longer than the other so-called gifts. But eventually Hope did seep out, like the water that finds its way up through the Earth and beads [...]

An Essay on Spring Creeks: Part II

  “A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring” – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism * * * Technical fishing is the dream. Magnificent vistas are a perk. But the characters you meet in these adventures are what I truly love. The creeks may get all the [...]

An Essay on Spring Creeks: Part I

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism * * * We pulled out of Twin Bridges and the Professor asked me one more time, “So you’ve really never fished a spring creek?” I knew precisely what he meant, but nevertheless I offered, “Well, I mean the Missouri [...]

Keen on Bass


Robert Earl Keen sings about bass. Webb Pierce sings about fillin’ it up to the brim. Hmmm…Bass & Bream. Well, I am singing about both here in South Alabama! As it turns out, the Professor’s tennis game served up a gem of a fishing opportunity for us. A friend from his tennis team, nicknamed Hammer [...]

Red Headed Stranger

“The yellow-haired lady was buried at sunset; The stranger went free, of course. For you can’t hang a man for killin’ a woman, Who’s tryin’ to steal your horse.” – Red Headed Stranger Most of the time Willie Nelson is sharing the stage with someone who’s picking the steel-guitar, but it seems this Willie Nelson [...]

Basketball Trash Talk and Angling Ass Kissing

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: There is nothing ‘healthy’ about the rivalry between Carolina and Duke. Ooh, I hope you weren’t rooting for the losers yesterday. It was a great afternoon for college basketball fans. Little Chick and I joined the Austin Carolina Club at The Tavern to cheer my [...]

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