Birds Do It And You Should Too

One of my favorite things to do in winter is fly south. That’s right, when the winter holidays roll around, this bird flies home to Nashville, and I always make it a point to visit my friends at Fly South flyshop down on Music Row. Fly South is as good as it gets. Not only [...]

Don’t Hog The Hookah

Alice in Wonderland is my favorite children’s story. Not just because I was in the school play in the 8th grade, but because the imagery remains illustrious and enticing even as you get older. You’ve got magic mushrooms and that crazy Cheshire cat, a caterpillar with a hookah, a birthday celebration just for the hell [...]

I’m Sorry Governor, Were You Trying to Sleep?

So I’ve got some news. And an embarrassing story. But first, the news. Those of you who reside outside of Texas probably already know that we are a pretty proud people here in the Lone Star State. Which is why I have been disappointed the past couple of years that the Drake Film Tour (aka [...]

Hooked One Hell Of A Pig

Okay, so that is a bit of a pig-in-a-poke because of course it’s not a pig-thick trout, nor can I claim this feral creature as my own. To be honest I don’t think it’s very ladylike to refer to trout as “pigs”. I tend to leave that testosterone fishing lingo to the boys. Because as [...]

Big Bug Love

How good does this look right about now? Of course we all dig the delicate finesse of landing a big fish on a teeny little dry fly and precarious 5x. I mean sure! What’s not to love? But sometimes, bigger is better. Sometimes the fish just want more more more — and so do we. [...]

No, I Did Not Sign The Covenant

Harkening back to the holidays, I promised Kentucky Jim I would share the tale of my brief roadtrip from Nashville to Kentucky. You see, the holidays were abuzz with food and spirits and activity and I needed a mini escape from my escape, so to speak. A 24-hour respite to relax and wind down. So [...]

I Second That Emoticon

Allllll–righty then. Looks like I may have stirred things up a bit with my last post. Family members have been calling to check on me. Friends near and far are sending “Cheer Up Chick” emails. They are forwarding inspiring stories of people who have lost their homes and overcome great burdens. I am getting emails [...]

Let’s Light This Shit Up

I am in a mood. I am bored, exhausted and uninspired. Despite several straight days of gorgeous Texas Hill Country sunshine and balmy temperatures in the 60s and 70s, I seem to be in the vice-grip of a cruel mid-winter malaise. I awakened this morning ready to conquer the day with my typical enthusiasm and [...]

Racqueteering Charges

I promised a post about my roadtrip to Kentucky (and that will come) but first, I have a bit of a true confession. I know I should have gone fishing yesterday morning. Especially since I’m in a fishing rut. But instead of pulling myself out of my dry spell and into my waders, I spent [...]

They Finally Just Had to Whiskey Me Away From Tennessee

In the dark of night. After two and a half weeks in Nashville for the holidays, Little Chick and I finally returned to Austin last night…under duress. We had soooo much fun, it was a difficult and wrenching process to pack up the steamer trunks and venture home last night. And WHY exactly was I [...]

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