Modelo Behavior

Been pretty nuts around here with holiday madness — not to mention some actual work. But I was thrilled to take some time out last week to meet up with G SMOLT who left Alaska for a spell and found himself kicking around my Austin neighborhood. We had some good laughs over hot sauce and [...]

Switching Lists

It’s that time of year when we are drawn into the centrifugal force of chaos called the holidays. My to do list has been eating me alive…return one more email, do another load of laundry, call the washing machine repair guy, wash laundry by hand, get those library books back up to school, attend the [...]

Dead Relatives Are Not Eligible

From a boat ramp on the Big Hole to a coffee shop in Austin. Funny where this little cult – uh, I mean sport – will take us. And this time you may actually benefit from my most recent small-world encounter. Let me explain. You may recall that on my trip to Montana just a [...]

This Is No Longer a Vacation, It’s A Quest.

After disappearing this summer on a super-extended fishing vacation, I promised regular FFC reader Monty Montana (who was none too pleased that I abandoned my blog without explanation) that as a meager penance I would deliver some cupcakes to a nearby Veteran’s Hospital. What better day than Veteran’s Day, right?? I recruited Little Chick to [...]

Keepin’ The Grass Blue and The Fish Red

Was cruising past the greatest music venue of all time, The Continental Club, and noticed The Meat Purveyors on the Thursday night marquis. Had to swing in and support my buddy, Pete, the mandolin player. Pete and I first met through our local TU chapter and in a weird twist we ran into each other [...]

Tilting At Windmills

After a few days on The Big Hole, we ventured over to Craig to see what the Missouri had to offer. As we pulled off the interstate The Professor nodded toward an energy windmill that was earning its keep, spinning ferociously round and round. “Well, that’s not good,” he quipped. I maintained my naively positive [...]

Mr. Big

Regular FFC reader Harry sent pictures of his buddies’ big fish that he caught on The Big Hole. Pretty spectacular…

This Is So Beneath Me

When you don’t have the time or energy to aim high, sometimes it’s better just to sink low. Normally I am not entertained by lowbrow disgusting humor. I was never one to fall for the pull my finger gag or laugh at the boys in elementary school who made fart noises with their armpits. I [...]

Hitchhiking is Safer Than Facebook

Someone should have warned me about Facebook. When I signed up a year ago, very few of my married mommy girlfriends were on there. I naively nosed around a few fishing groups and ended up with a gazillion fishing friends that I didn’t know. Nothing wrong with that except they now had my first and [...]

Streamers & Dreamers

The Professor arrived a few days earlier so he was waiting for me when I landed in Butte last week. It felt so good to be back in Montana – cool air, mustard-color autumn trees, bright skies, and snow capped mountains. The rigors and responsibility of everyday life vaporized on contact. We made our way [...]

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