It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Anglers

A few weeks ago Tim Romano wrote a post on his FlyTalk blog titled Women In Fly Fishing. Tim and I had a brief exchange about the questions he posed in the piece: “Ladies, are you the sole angler in your circle of friends?” “Did your mom teach you how to fish?” “If you don’t [...]

Happy Birthday Willie

Willie Nelson is 75 years old today. I hope he gets his economic stimulus check right on his birthday, and he spends the government’s money on __________. Oh, I don’t know. What do you think he should spend it on? Happy Birthday Willie.

Marc Broussard Gave Me The Bird

This post doesn’t have a lick to do with fishing, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix nonetheless… If you’ve been following along, you know I recently launched WWLD 08. Also known as my own personal What Would Loretta Do Live Music Tour of the Texas Hill Country. Friday night I went to [...]

Going Gruene

Back in February I ventured down to Gruene to fish the Guadalupe and play with friends. Clear water, cold beer, hungry fish, lots of laughs. It was a pretty great way to spend a day…

Far Out Hits Close To Home

For the past 15 years Joey Lin has been working hard to help people find the fish they’re after…whether it be Texas, Argentina, the Bahamas or Mexico. A guide for about ten of those years, he now manages his own booking business Far Out Fishing Trips while splitting time between Argentina and Austin. But before he [...]

Are We Really Going to Blame This on Black Magic?

According to this Reuters news story, police in Congo have arrested 13 sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal men’s penises. Uh….pardon? If you read further into the article, you will see that in most cases, the penis isn’t actually missing, just critically downsized. While some doubt the veracity of these nefarious spells, members of the community [...]

Tenuous Protection or Benevolent Danger?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Candy, Don’t Take It From a Total Stranger

Poor Candy. I bet a fly fisherman wrote that. A fisherman who’s still snowed-in somewhere and getting a little grumpy. Good heavens what if her sign had read, “HELLO, NEIGHBORS! What’s the magic bug on this river?” Or, “HELLO, NEIGHBORS! What’s your favorite fishing spot?” And there’s always my personal favorite from the super chipper [...]

Caution: Objects in Life Are Closer Than They Appear

We went to Yellowstone a few years ago and Little Chick was determined to be the very first one to spot a buffalo. Armed with some fancy Zeiss binoculars she kept a keen watch… A good reminder that sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you realize. I love this picture and keep it [...]

Next Time Loretta. Next Time.

I am a woman of limited interests. Other than my daughter, my family and close friends, I really only love two things: fishing and honkytonk music. Now I adore all kinds of music – soul, blues, rock, jazz, Sinatra Sinatra Sinatra, bluegrass, gospel, disco, hiphop. But I cut my teeth on good old honkytonk music [...]

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