Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This

Last spring I went bonefishing in Exuma Bahamas and we had a big big time. Lots of fish. Some pretty big fish. We had one day on the water that was just out of sight, one bonefish right after the next. Toward the end of this gluttonous day, each time someone caught another, our guide [...]

Great Opportunity for Wisconsin — It’s Like a Karma Credit for Your Soul

I am the least politically-minded person you will ever know. In spite of the fact I actually worked for a public affairs consulting firm for three years, I make it a point to stay out of the political fray. It’s highly likely I will be the least informed American to vote in this year’s presidential [...]

Is That a Bonefish In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

  Am working my way home from the Bahamas. More scoop to come on the fishing in Exuma…

Fool Me Thrice

I find April Fool’s Day to be such a bore. It really exhausts me. Every year I instinctively ignore it, which of course makes me the perfect target for getting duped. I fell for pranks not once, not twice, but three times yesterday. Bastards, all of them bastards. (Actually they were all pretty funny.) But [...]

Spirit of the Suwannee

My eyes are just now coming into focus and my motor skills starting to click back into action. I’ve just returned from a trippy little trip to Florida for ‘Springfest’ – a three day music festival held at The Spirit of the Suwannee campgrounds. I suppose the best way to describe the music at Springfest [...]

On The Heels of Such Good Luck…

I have been looking everywhere for this old picture. This picture was taken sometime in early August on the Missouri in 2000. I floated Craig-to-Craig early one morning with my dad and dear friend Mitch. This is the fish that made me fall in love with tricos, a reach cast, and my navy blue UNC [...]

My Very Own Honkytonk Fly Ride

I saw this picture and one thought came to mind: Ooh, I need this rig in Montana to pull my boat! Now despite many years of failed attempts, I still harbor this fantasy of spending a summer in Montana totally under-the-radar. Just fishing and minding my own business and staying out of the fray. I [...]

Half An Hour With Mr. Farlow

It was our last day in London. We’d checked off every single thing on our itinerary, save one more decadent tea time. Little Chick was starting to languish a bit (ok fine, I was the one getting a little cranky) as my mother led us through the streets of London like the Bataan Death March. [...]

Ooh La La — I Want To Live at The Ritz in Paris

Ernest Hemingway wrote the foreword for Charles Ritz’s autobiography A Fly Fisher’s Life. Hemingway describes the hotelier: Charles Ritz is one of the very finest fishermen I know. He is not only a great fly fisherman for trout and salmon but he is an articulate writer and a splendid technician. He is also an iconoclast [...]

From Haute Couture to Carp Fishing

My eight year old daughter wants to be a fashion designer more than anything on the planet. A few years ago, in an attempt to direct this passion toward something substantive and away from something superficial, I gave her a card with Coco Chanel’s famous quotation, “Fashion fades, only style remains.” Since then Coco Chanel [...]

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