To Live Is To Fly

  “…Well I may be gone, I won’t be long I’ll be bringing back the melody And all the rhythm that I find…” (from TO LIVE IS TO FLY written by Texas legend Townes Van Zandt) One final post before this bird has to fly away. I’ll try to come back with some nice, heartwarming [...]

High Tea Instead of High on Tequila

I have vague and blurry memories of Spring Break trips replete with tequila shots, cases upon cases of cheap beer, hours of beachfront debauchery, nineteen girls sharing a two-bedroom condo in Mexico, and a red rental jeep that we may or may not have abandoned on some sandy dunes in Cozumel. Oh how the times [...]

They Needed A Belle At This Bass Ball

Apparently it’s easier to catch a bass in the heart of Austin than it is to find a copy of this magazine. I went three places yesterday and couldn’t find it. This is the current issue of Southwest Fly Fishing. From what I hear, there is an excellent article by Steve Probasco who fishes for [...]

Copy the Hatch with Zero Catch

In this situation, ‘No Catch’ is actually a good thing. No really, I’m serious! Because HMH is sponsoring a ‘no-catch-zero-gimmicks’ promotional contest with the Underground Network blogs (ie, The Trout Underground, The Day Tripper, Singlebarbed, and Fly Fish Chick.) This contest offers YOU the chance to win an HMH Spartan Fly Tying Vise. For FREE. [...]

Bigger Than The Mother Teresa Cinnamon Bun

Forget about the pyramids. Screw the crop circles. The cinnamon bun with Mother Teresa’s face? Old news. Even Sasquatch is passé. Friends, I am here to tell you that I have witnessed a miracle. Normally this is the sort of thing I would chalk up to urban legend, but I was there. In the flesh, [...]

Who Should I Hide Behind in a Barfight?

According a recent CNN article, some would-be thieves didn’t realize they were cruisin’ for a bruisin’ when they tried to rob an Australian nightclub. A group of hardcore bikers called The Southern Cross Cruiser Club were actually holding their group meeting at the same bar and foiled the robbers’ nefarious plot in a gritty display [...]

Hook ‘Em

Yesterday was another great day in the Texas Hill Country. I fished the Guadalupe with a few friends, and we had an absolute blast. A front had moved in the night before so the fishing was a little off kilter at first. The wind stayed strong throughout the day, but when the sun eased up, [...]

Getting Baked

I’ll be honest, I used to think allergies and heat strokes were for the weak at heart. I saw them as psychosomatic urban myths, brought on by the more serious condition of having no spine. But then I moved to Austin and discovered the unique torture that is cedar fever, and then I spent last [...]

The More Things Change…

The Guadalupe River, circa 1975. Between The Hunt Store and Crider’s.   The Guadalupe River, circa this past Monday morning. Between the alarm clock and my todo list.

Sound Presidential Soundbites

I cannot tell a lie. I had to sneak away this morning and do a little fishing on the Guadalupe. Between flu bugs and birthday parties and bronchitis and thunderstorms, it’s been hard to find time on the water. So I decided to play hooky this morning – in the name of Presidents’ Day of [...]

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