They’d Rather Have Dogs Than Wives

My buddy Lance Gleason is a Missoula-based outfitter and fishing guide. He owns 406 Outfitters & Productions and put together this video called “Getting Guided“. He’s got some pretty cool footage, check it out…

A Sweet Take on The Blackfoot

Since the moment my daughter, Little Chick, picked up a flyrod, she has received no shortage of instruction, advice and input. Diligently she would practice with her Orvis 4-wt seven-foot rod. And finally last year one tip brought everything into focus for her: Lift your rod like you’re bringing a telephone up to your ear, [...]

Oh They Tell Me Of An Uncloudy Day

Last week Buster Wants To Fish and Way Upstream both wrote posts about a recent study that reveals Americans are spending less and less time participating in outdoor activities such as fishing, camping and hiking. Needless to say this news strikes a sad chord. Now since I was an English major who managed to get [...]

Winter Blues

For those of you still suffering frigid temperatures and cabin fever I thought I’d share some tunes to match your Winter Blues. And despite a gorgeous weekend in Texas filled with bright skies and breezy temps, the only thing I caught was the flu. So looks like I’m singing ‘em too… Cuddle up, double down [...]

Someone’s Been Listening to a little Johnny Paycheck

Andy Idema just quit his J.O.B. — and he did it all for you. Initially he started a flyfishing web site as a labor of love, something on the side. But recently, Andy told his boss to ‘Take This Job And Shove It’. Just so he could devote all of his time to The Fly [...]

I’ve Got No Beef With Jesus, I Promise.

Sometimes my day-to-day life as a PTA mom doesn’t always mesh with my fishing world. I used to have one of these Scott fish stickers on my car.   But I took it off when I learned that some of the parents at my daughter’s school thought I was making fun of this fish sticker. [...]

Missouri Loves Company

I landed in Montana at the Great Falls airport last June, excited to see what the summer had to offer. Straight from baggage claim I raced to The Trout Shop for a license, changed into my waders in the parking lot, and kicked-off my summer on the Missouri River. About 120 minutes after my flight [...]

Lone Star Trout

Back in the 1960′s executives at the Lone Star Brewery were no longer satisfied with simply stocking Hill Country bars with beer, so they began stocking The Guadalupe River with trout. I’ve heard it was a publicity campaign. I’ve also read that these were executives who liked to flyfish and simply wanted to be able [...]

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