NEWSFLASH: Ringo Starr No Longer Most Famous Drummer

My friend Palmer is:

Cover Me I’m Going In

I’m about as current as leg warmers these days. I’m going about 1000 different directions (things like school supplies and science textbook covers) so mea culpa if this seems like old news to you, but I am very excited. I just got copies of the two biggest fly fishing books of 2011. Departure Publishing (yes, [...]

Fishing for Compliments

Oh, I mean comments of course. You see, after 3 1/2 years I have redecorated the FLY FISH CHICK website. I am very excited, way overdue for this shot in the arm. What do you think? It’s a work-in-progress so stick with me as I add features and navigate a few kinks in the process. [...]

Heart the Chart

As we speak, just about every fly-fishing professional and self-proclaimed troutnut on the planet is en route to New Orleans for the International Fly Tackle Dealer convection. I’m not much of a convention gal but I will admit I am feeling a bit envious considering I love New Orleans. And New Orleans loves me. I [...]

Paddlefish the Musical

Before I turn this post into a trippy, winding conversation about music, let me give you the latest update on the book. The publisher has posted an excerpt on his website so click here if you’d like to read Chapter Two. As exciting as it is to see my words posted on his website, I [...]

Adios Montana


Until next time…

Unlike Judy Garland…

I am not over the rainbows. Still love ‘em. Caught this on the Missouri on this evening’s caddis hatch.



We have been back in Montana for about one week and while we have been on the water a bit, mostly we have been enjoying family, laughing a ton and eating extremely well. In terms of the fishing, highlights include: floating the Missouri with my new niece (the Professor’s niece) who tricked a few fish [...]

Brown is the New Black

We were in Montana for 2.5 weeks ready-to-wear the trout out, but record snowpack and high water were the big  statewide trend, limiting our runway to play. But with a little creative ingenuity we found fishable trout streams and uncovered some gems. The big buzz? Brown trout are all the rage this season.   and…..

I Can’t Fish. I Can’t Row.


The adrenalin rush of big browns eating big bugs was the only panancea that could ease the pain of the walking (nay fishing) wounded. The Professor has a vicious case of tendonitis in his elbow while I have lower back pain again. His hurts while playing fish, mine hurts pulling up the anchor. After catching [...]

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