Fork In The Road (spolier alert: we chose wisely)


Fork in the road–as in Henry’s Fork. With Montana rivers flooding their banks the Professor and I chose to venture down to the Henry’s Fork in Idaho for three or four days. Grey drakes and caddis were abundant but we really struck gold with the golden stones. Our power float the last day was epic.

Wooly Catches Mammoth


The Professor and I enjoyed a spectacular day spring creek fishing with friends Tammy & Eric in the Ruby Valley. Yall have heard me talk about Eric, he and Ryan own Sunrise Flyshop. When I have a computer and more time remind me to post pictures of the homemade “pate” that Eric concocted that tickled [...]

Lights, Camera, Spring Creek Action


I spent a very mellow, very enjoyable day at McCoy Spring Creeks with friend Steve Bielenberg and filmmaker Travis Lowe who is making a documentary about Montana spring creeks. I caught a handful of nice rainbows on caddis dries and a pmd emerger — the perfect way to kickoff summer ’11 in MT. ‘Paddlefish’ Book [...]

Bite The Bullet Points

Okay, friends. My life has been moving faster than the Missouri River which is currently raging below Holter Dam, expected to reach 10,000 cfs today. Fingers crossed, the precarious balance of temperature and precipitation will yield a productive Montana fishing trip for us later this month. But we are fully prepared for a massive spur-of-the-moment [...]

The Best Raccoon Penis Story I Have Ever Heard

Celebrity sighting stories are a dime a dozen. The “I got Drunk with Celebrity XYZ” tale really isn’t that impressive either. I mean said celeb was probably on track to get drunk anyway, you were just in the way. But my friend Jeff’s celebrity encounter has to be the greatest of all time. Jeff is [...]

Getting a Little Springfest Back in My Step

Well, we’ve wrapped up our third trip to the Springfest music festival in Live Oak Florida and once again I am so exhausted I can barely type. So to keep tempo with the speedgrass pickers we’ve been listening to for four days I am going to give you the rapidfire overview… First and foremost the [...]

Shut Your Key Lime Pie Hole

When I went to Belize in January on the Girls Trip we had homemade key lime pie that was so good it brought a tear to the eye. The only downside about peeling off to bonefish for two days was that I was missing out on the key lime pie back at the house. We [...]

Gene Wilder is Funny and all, but Frankenstein Can’t Stay for Dinner

The latest conservation/culinary concern involves genetically modified salmon, often referred to as Frankenfish. This is seriously scary stuff. Fly Fishing blogs have long been advocating diners and chefs choose wild salmon over farm raised, since supporting farm raised salmon increases the chance that the farmed salmon would escape and co-mingle with the wild ones. With [...]

Kiss My Bass

Sorry I haven’t written on the blog lately. From the very second I arrived home from our basstastic good time at Lake Toho, I have been chained to my computer tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard on my book. I’m racing the clock on the final weeks until my (revised) deadline. Assuming all things go according [...]

Chick Versus Bass

Friends, I am writing with a very quick pictureless iphone update from Celebration Florida where the Professor and I have wrapped up a four day trip with the Bass2Billfish TV show.We fished Lake Toho hard for two days looking for bass. Spoiler alert: I caught something that I can’t wait to show you.I will share [...]

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