I Was Hot On The Rabbit Trail But Lost My Scent

I was was intently searching my computer hunting for a superb fishing video of Little Chick catching trout on the Blackfoot this summer when I was thoroughly knocked off track by countless random photos I came across in what can only be described as a mysterious filing system I once created. Little Chick’s fishing story [...]

Rockstars and Rocks and Stars

September has been a whirlwind month with my “FFC Turns 40 World Domination Birthday Tour”. My head is spinning with all the tales I have to share. It all started in Atlanta with a fun-filled Labor Day weekend, cheering for the Tarheels in the Georgia Dome. Then the following weekend, Little Chick and I ventured [...]

Austin Texas: Keeping Fly Fishing Weird

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: 2010 DRAKE FLY FISHING FILM TOUR – BACK IN AUSTIN TX BIGGER BADDER WILDER WEIRDER TUESDAY APRIL 27th SAVE THE DATE. Get out your calendars and mark down the date because we are bringing the film tour back to Austin, my friends! After last year’s red-hot Austin show, we are really going to [...]

Welcome the Genius Behind Kris Kristofferson

I’m serving up something a little different today on FFC: a Guest Blogger. My former boss, Mark McKinnon, is a celebrity political strategist, a creative juggernaut, uber-athlete, a warrior in the battle against cancer, a writer for The Daily Beast, and all-around cool cat. Oh yeah, and he used to be a songwriter for Kris [...]

Who Tequila Shot JR?

I drove up to Dallas yesterday to play with friends and celebrate Mothers Day Weekend in a somewhat unconventional manner. First I met my crew for lunch: After lunch (which consisted of copious amounts of wine & champagne) we all trotted down the block to the 2nd anniversary party at Tailwaters flyshop where we were [...]

Jalapeno Poppers Are Practically Kryptonite

I had this brilliant idea to roam around Austin with a video camera during South By Southwest, putting up FFFT posters while trying to catch a music celeb who might give us a little video testimonial to help promote the show. I thought I could film them saying something like, “When SXSW wraps up, pretty [...]

Let’s Light This Shit Up

I am in a mood. I am bored, exhausted and uninspired. Despite several straight days of gorgeous Texas Hill Country sunshine and balmy temperatures in the 60s and 70s, I seem to be in the vice-grip of a cruel mid-winter malaise. I awakened this morning ready to conquer the day with my typical enthusiasm and [...]

Is This Thing On?

Why is it so quiet in here?!?! Alright, I know I know. I’ve been radio silent. But to tell you the truth, I have a very good excuse… I just haven’t had a damn thing to say. No self-promoting fish pictures to broadcast, no play-by-play of days on the water with family and friends, no [...]

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

There’s only one place to go after a really swanky dinner….your local dive bar. And last Friday was no exception. I stepped out to a wonderful new restaurant called Olivia’s where I enjoyed delicious pan-seared scallops and a fantastic celebration with some of my most favorite people in the world. Plus, all the while I [...]

Marc Broussard Gave Me The Bird

This post doesn’t have a lick to do with fishing, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix nonetheless… If you’ve been following along, you know I recently launched WWLD 08. Also known as my own personal What Would Loretta Do Live Music Tour of the Texas Hill Country. Friday night I went to [...]

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