NEWSFLASH: Ringo Starr No Longer Most Famous Drummer

My friend Palmer is:

Cover Me I’m Going In

I’m about as current as leg warmers these days. I’m going about 1000 different directions (things like school supplies and science textbook covers) so mea culpa if this seems like old news to you, but I am very excited. I just got copies of the two biggest fly fishing books of 2011. Departure Publishing (yes, [...]

Shut Your Key Lime Pie Hole

When I went to Belize in January on the Girls Trip we had homemade key lime pie that was so good it brought a tear to the eye. The only downside about peeling off to bonefish for two days was that I was missing out on the key lime pie back at the house. We [...]

Don’t Stop Beliezing

As you may recall I went to Belize last month with a group of college girlfriends to collectively celebrate our 40th birthdays. I have been dying to give you all a detailed fishing report of my two days chasing bonefish but life has me going a thousand directions. Mommy-mode, wife-mode, and of course…working on writing [...]

More Tails and Fins Than The Cadillac Ranch

A full report of my Belize trip is in the works. Stay tuned…

Muddy Waters

In three days I head to Belize for a 40th birthday trip with my college girl friends. Technically not a fishing trip, but how could I pass up the opportunity to look for bonefish, and potentially….I don’t want to get too excited here…but my first-ever permit? The Professor has hooked me up with his favorite [...]

If the Keys Won’t Have Me, Maybe Venice Will

Last week the Professor and I fished two days in the MS marsh looking for redfish. As you know we had success on the first day, but the very next morning fish were scarce and skittish. Which gave me more time to try my hand at poling the skiff. I can’t believe how hard it [...]

Loaded Potato Skins

It’s been a long and harried week that – the kind that could lead a person to transport a finicky printer out to a field and destroy it gangsta style with a baseball bat. Instead, the Professor suggested we play hooky on this gorgeous Friday morning and chase redfish over in the Mississippi marsh for [...]

A Pinch Of Salt

Hoping to get lucky with the redfish this weekend, the Professor and I threw our 8-weights over our left shoulders right into the truck and dashed over to the Pascagoula Marsh for a few hours of saltwater fishing. We didn’t have a ton of time because we had to get home to catch the second [...]


After a great day on the water in the Bahamas my dad and I were loitering around the dock waiting for my mom and Little Chick to retrieve us. Okay, truth be told he was dealing with all the gear, I was loitering. And I found this sun-bleached little crab claw… Photo and video editing [...]

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