You Spin Me Right Round Baby

As I mentioned the other day I haven’t been fishing in awhile. The one exception? A couple of weeks ago I was in Alabama and got to venture out in the lower Mobile River Delta for speckled trout. Unfortunately my trusty guide made the faulty assumption that I had previous experience with a spinning rod. [...]

Reef Donkeys and Meat Fishing

Last night I was so cavalier, dare I say even a bit cocky. I falsely thought I was prepared to leave town tomorrow for seven days. Today is a much different story. I am crazed trying to get some last minute packing done, so I barely have a moment to spare, much less the brainpower [...]

Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This

Last spring I went bonefishing in Exuma Bahamas and we had a big big time. Lots of fish. Some pretty big fish. We had one day on the water that was just out of sight, one bonefish right after the next. Toward the end of this gluttonous day, each time someone caught another, our guide [...]

Is That a Bonefish In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

  Am working my way home from the Bahamas. More scoop to come on the fishing in Exuma…

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