Moonpies, Troutnuts and March Madness

mardi gras collage

Fasten your seatbelt cause we have a lot of ground to cover. I am going to give you a rocket-speed look backward at a busy February which included our first ever 5K run, Mardi Gras in Mobile, a culinary girls weekend here in Austin, and GRTU Troutfest. Then a fast-forward snapshot of what’s going on [...]

A Diablo Sandwich and A Dr. Pepper and Make It Fast

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This weekend we ventured to the annual Texas Book Festival, with two key objectives: to get a signed cookbook with classic Texas fare and meet the mastermind behind one of the greatest movies of all time. Ancillary perks included dreamy weather, a delightfully mellow scene which was mandatory since Little Chick is recovering from a [...]

Salt Lickin’ My Wounds

sal lick bbq

I am feeling just a tinge sorry for myself because the Professor is on a guys’ trip in Montana hunting and (here comes the green-with-envy part) fishing as we speak. I think the Missouri is fishing pretty well right now so fingers crossed they will have some good dry fly action. Supposedly the hoppers and [...]

Heart the Chart

As we speak, just about every fly-fishing professional and self-proclaimed troutnut on the planet is en route to New Orleans for the International Fly Tackle Dealer convection. I’m not much of a convention gal but I will admit I am feeling a bit envious considering I love New Orleans. And New Orleans loves me. I [...]



We have been back in Montana for about one week and while we have been on the water a bit, mostly we have been enjoying family, laughing a ton and eating extremely well. In terms of the fishing, highlights include: floating the Missouri with my new niece (the Professor’s niece) who tricked a few fish [...]

Shut Your Key Lime Pie Hole

When I went to Belize in January on the Girls Trip we had homemade key lime pie that was so good it brought a tear to the eye. The only downside about peeling off to bonefish for two days was that I was missing out on the key lime pie back at the house. We [...]

Gene Wilder is Funny and all, but Frankenstein Can’t Stay for Dinner

The latest conservation/culinary concern involves genetically modified salmon, often referred to as Frankenfish. This is seriously scary stuff. Fly Fishing blogs have long been advocating diners and chefs choose wild salmon over farm raised, since supporting farm raised salmon increases the chance that the farmed salmon would escape and co-mingle with the wild ones. With [...]

Are Gluten-Free Streamers Next?

Salivate over this picture while I tell you about the super-hero woman who raised the fisherman who caught this beautiful beast. My good friend Melissa lives in Colorado and this is her son, an avid flyfisher. While Melissa doesn’t fish herself, she is a longtime FFC reader. She is a yoga master, big-time skier, and [...]

Let Them Eat Trout. Cake.

My parents hosted a post-wedding celebration for us a few days ago and instead of going with traditional holiday fare for dessert, my mom surprised us with this incredibly life-like trout cake. It was unbelievable.My dad measured it with a tape measure then challenged the Professor to guess how big the trout was, and I [...]

I Was Hot On The Rabbit Trail But Lost My Scent

I was was intently searching my computer hunting for a superb fishing video of Little Chick catching trout on the Blackfoot this summer when I was thoroughly knocked off track by countless random photos I came across in what can only be described as a mysterious filing system I once created. Little Chick’s fishing story [...]

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