The Last Best Retrace

brown trout on hopper

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted. And I have missed you! It was a fantastic summer juggling family trips with near-obsessive work on my next book. Whew. As of yesterday the manuscript is safely tucked away with the editor, so I have some breathing room to come back to FFC and chat [...]

Fifty Shades of Grayling

DSC_0422 - Copy

The steamiest part of our chilly weekend on the water was a streamer that looked suspiciously like Kelly Galloup’s ‘Sex Dungeon’ fly. Hmmm… So we have just returned from a fantastic Memorial Day in Montana where summer kicked off with hail, lightening, and snow – as it always seems to do on our Memorial Day [...]

Spaghetti Western

Spaghetti Western fly fish chick

Is it me or does this pasta look a lot like fly line? While I typically race in a million different directions, I am literally preparing to head in two very opposite directions (both geographically and culturally) as we are traveling west to Montana and then east to Italy…in all of its pastalicious carbohydrate glory. [...]

Slack Tide

DSC_0544 2

In case I haven’t bumped into you recently let me go ahead and tell you what I’ve been telling everyone I encounter lately, “Did you know that I caught my first tarpon? Want to see a picture of my first tarpon? Yes, I actually did catch my first tarpon.” You see, it’s been so long [...]

Lord of the Rings

IMG_5641 - Copy

Last Labor Day weekend we were in Frontier Anglers in Dillon MT chatting it up with the owner, our good friend Tim Tollett. I don’t know how I could have missed this over the past few years but for the first time his ring caught my eye and I asked him if it was new. [...]

Big Love.


My friend Joe Willauer, who is a board member of the Big Hole Watershed, asked if I would talk a little about the organization’s efforts and asked me to share exactly why I love the Big Hole River. One might assume I am going to wax on with poetic descriptions of the Swiss-like mountainous views, [...]

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

fly fish chick big hole 2008

Don’t feel sorry for me when I tell you that we won’t be making our fall trip out to Montana this year. As blue as I am about it, I’d feel guilty if I stirred your pity for me, since the reason we can’t go is because we’ve added a very exciting trip to Belize [...]

Flip For It

spring creek shot

Who wouldn’t flip head over heels for spring creek action like this? Apparently I’ve been living under a rock like some early stage larva nymph because I just discovered this cool fishing video yesterday while working like a madwoman (wasting time on StumbleUpon.) It’s by Todd Moen Creative and it’s called Heads or Tails. At [...]

High Tech in the Low Country

photo 1

If you read my previous post you know we covered a lot of ground in Charleston last weekend. Unfortunately the only stone we left unturned was redfishing. It was hard to look out across those beautiful marshes and not have the time (or gear) to get out there and sneak up on some tailing reds… [...]

I Am Rooster Hear Me Crow


This year we brought something a little different along on our All Girls Fishing Trip: husbands. Our recurring Chick Trip has become the not-to-be-missed event on my calendar, I love this group so much. You may recall our inaugural journey out to Montana in 2009…replete with plenty of fishing and plenty of cooking and plenty [...]

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