Labor of Love

beav rainbow 03

We flew out to Montana on Wednesday to kick off Labor Day weekend and I already know what you’re going to say. “Why the hell is she celebrating Labor Day since she spent the entire summer on vacation? What kind of labor is she taking a break from?” Well, stand down my friend and let [...]

Speedpost. Go.

helena carousel trout

  If your todo list is anything like mine, you may want to go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of this to see a trout pic. But if you can stomach a little banter, saddle up and stick with me for a super-speedy, highlights-only report on our fantastic family vacation in Montana. But [...]

Down River Report

big hole river

I feel like I am always blogging from behind, giving a retro wrap-up of what we’ve been up to. So as a change of pace I thought I would take a look down river, share what we have on tap in the near future. Rehab. Yesterday was my first full day without Bootsy Collins, the [...]

Cause the Brits Don’t Have Bulls and Broncs


  I am quite the anglophile. I lived in London as a kid. I woke up early to see Kate & William’s royal wedding, I tried to pay attention to the Queen’s Jubilee. I dig corgis. But when it comes to the Fourth of July I keep my loyalties on this side of the pond. [...]

Mo Better


  When someone tells you the Missouri is “fishing so well right now it’s like the good old days”, it’s really a passive-aggressive way to mark their territory and let you know how long they’ve been fishing the Mo. I sort of hate-love this hierarchical pinging approach since I’ve been fishing the Mo since 1997. [...]

Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It


  Because we like to put our friends on the spot, The Professor and I urged Eric and Ryan from Sunrise Flyshop to settle a marital debate that sprung up during our overnite in Melrose: Which one of us talks more in the driftboat? To be clear we’re both talkers, there’s no doubt about that. [...]

Turns Out Bootsy Collins is Both Funky and Fishy


Last we spoke I was settling into the news about my broken ankle and trying to navigate crutches without killing myself or someone else. (I swear I think crutches are merely an annuity program for orthopedic surgeons.) Despite having to travel through airports in wheelchairs at the mercy of Delta Airline subcontracted employees, some of [...]

See, They’re Not Imaginary Friends.

headhunters sipping dry

Turns out the voices in my head are real – real live fly fishermen. And boy howdy was there ever a full-on hatch of them at the Paramount Theater last night. It was the annual fly fishing film festival in Austin and The Professor and I had a blast catching up with fishy friends. This [...]

Crane Hatch in Austin. No–not this kind.

cranes acl

I am used to seeing a hatch of these cranes along the Austin skyline…   but I’ve never seen a hatch of actual crane flies here. As in the bug variety. Also known as Mosquito Hawks. I’ve just never seen them here before, but lately these bugs have been everywhere: They’re on my bathroom ceiling, in the kitchen [...]

Just One Cast Away From a Cortisone Shot


The Professor and I just snuck out to Montana for a few heavenly days of vacation which was heavy on fall fishing, food and football. We fished the Big Hole with our friend Eric, co-owner of Sunrise Flyshop in Melrose. I’ve said it before, Eric is seriously one of the hardest working guides on the [...]

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