I’ve Been Following Mack Brown Around for the Better Part of Four Decades

Mack Brown played football for Vanderbilt in 1970 when I arrived on the scene in Nashville, TN – as a newborn. Much later as a college freshman in 1989, I arrived in Chapel Hill just one year after Mack Brown took over as head coach there for the Tarheels. In 2000, I was two years [...]

Getting Fit with Fitty

Meet my new best friend and sidekick, Fitty. No not that Fitty, this one: “Fitty” is a piece of luggage loaded with books and hand weights so it weighs exactly fifty pounds. And for the next couple of weeks I am going to be hauling it back and forth around my house to train for [...]

Triple Entendre: Run Off

Since I haven’t posted in awhile I thought I would cover a good bit of ground by bringing back the Triple Entendre. This post we’re looking at various meanings for the phrase Run Off. RUN OFF – As in Run Off and Join The Witness Protection Program or Maybe Even The Circus So if you’ve [...]

Carcasses and Canoes in South Texas

This was a big weekend for Team Paddlefish. It was the Texas Water Safari Marathon (aka, “The Prelim Race”) which is a 40-mile sprint from Cuero to Victoria. We decided to take this opportunity to load up as a team the day before and drive the length of the race route, scouting portages and logging [...]

Playing Chicken With a Goose

Banning and I paddled 40 miles on the San Marcos today, so it’s hard to think all the way back to this morning when we were in the City Park parking lot gearing up and being harassed by a goose who was essentially trying to canoe-jack us. Banning got sick of it and decided to [...]

Life and Limb

Banning and I paddled the San Marcos today and had an absolute blast. Lots of obstacles and tricks & turns. The main theme of the day was trees. Hanging down in our faces, jutting up straight from the bottom of the river, growing horizontally across the river, fallen down and totally blocking our path. Log [...]

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Feel free to spread this nugget through the rumor mill because it’s 100% true and it’s 100% good news. I am thrilled to announce that good friend Colleen Harvey with Heart Of Texas Kayaks has recently become a Team Paddlefish sponsor. But the fun doesn’t stop there! This Saturday April 10th Heart of Texas Kayaks [...]

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Mayfly

Yesterday Banning and I did our first long training run, paddling just under 30 miles. To this point we’d only paddled on Town Lake, and seven or eight miles was our maximum. We joined Safari veteran and adventure racer, Debbie Richardson, who is in the middle of a seventeen day paddle journey covering the Colorado [...]

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

I am traveling to Mobile tomorrow and working on my packing list: Now as yall know, I’ve had more than just a wee bit of bad luck with the weather getting in the way of recent winter redfishing attempts in Louisiana. But we are all set, once again, to fish in Hopedale this Sunday with [...]

It’s Not A Party Without Paddlefish Pastries

Well, Team Paddlefish participated in another 10K race this past weekend on Town Lake. You may recall we completed the first Town Lake race in gusting winds in 1 hour 36 minutes. This time we invited friends and family to cheer us on so we could beat our time, but more importantly, so we could [...]

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