Just In Time For An Oscar Nod

The Headhunters episode of ‘Adventure Guides’ airs this weekend on the Outdoor Channel with a brief fishing cameo from your truly. Actually, it first aired this morning but I missed it because I was busy hoisting my canoe down to the water about to do an interview on Team Paddlefish for our local CBS affiliate. [...]

We Sealed The Deal

I am thrilled to announce that Fire In The Gut Performance Shirts has officially agreed to sponsor Team Paddlefish. I have to say, I am excited about this on so many levels… First and foremost I can’t wait to try these shirts. Tim Grizzell, founder of FITG, is a former Navy SEAL, athlete, husband, father [...]

Maybe I Should Take Up Sailing

I think Mother Nature is sending me a message to take up sailing as a pastime — or perhaps flying a kite. At the very least I should get on board with a company that harvests wind for energy so I could make some money off of the increasingly evident fact that WIND seems to [...]

My Huckleberry Friend

Time to get back in the canoe. With less than five months to train for the Texas Water Safari, I am definitely starting to feel the pressure. I’m gathering up all my cold weather fishing gear/clothing to resume paddle training this week. I’m not going to look like a professional paddler, that’s for certain, but [...]

Shoes and Soul

If the shoes fits…say thank you. Especially when it’s a gift from a virtual-stranger-turned-dear-friend from way across the country. I am blown away by the generosity of spirit that I have experienced on my journey to train for the Texas Water Safari. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I am thrilled to take a [...]

Little Chick’s Favorite Fishing Pants

Three years ago we wandered across the street from Little Chick’s school into a children’s athletic store called 1379. Almost immediately I found everything I needed for our trip to Montana, namely some Patagonia pants that fit her perfectly and were ideal for the boat – not too cool, not too warm, deflect a little [...]

I Wonder if Queen Elizabeth Will Remember Me

When I was in the fourth grade my family moved from Dallas to London where I attended an American school. My teacher was named Sheila Ihde and I absolutely worshipped her. Previously she taught for many years at St Albans, the prestigious boys school in Washington DC, so I think she was tickled to have [...]

Wake Up And Smell The Canoe

If you’ve noticed the crickets chirping alone in here over the past week or so, I do apologize. But I have been uber-super-swamped pushing things forward for Team Paddlefish and our daunting quest to complete The Texas Water Safari. I have lots to report, but mostly want to shine a spotlight on two generous partners [...]

Pigmalion…or Pig Out Maven?

The Team Paddlefish craze is ablaze, and I cannot wait for the serious training to begin. That said I am having a terrible time getting into the whole “healthy eating” portion of the program. In fact, I am backsliding. Despite my best intentions, this weekend was an utter gluttony tour of Austin. Breakfast tacos from [...]

Calling Dr. Bombay

Did you know that on August 19th in 1692 five people were hanged in the Salem Witch trials? A harsh punishment for innocent people who were no doubt not actually witches. For the record, while I like Sinatra’s version of the song, I do not believe in witchcraft. But what about the opposite situation? What [...]

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