Centrifugal Holiday Forces Now In Control of My Brain

teacup ride

Running the gauntlet from Thanksgiving to New Years is a fun ride but let’s be honest, it leaves me feeling dizzy, out of control and a wee bit nauseous. We have officially entered that phase where any new appointments, projects, lunches all have to be scheduled “after the holidays”. My thoughts are jumbled, as if [...]

I Wonder If This Is Really Even Appropriate


I’m in a massive time crunch before I leave town in the morning so I have been racking my brain with what to post on my way out the door. Let’s see, what’s been happening lately? Hmm…I wonder, I wonder. Well, Hostess is closing its doors, Austin has been consumed by Formula 1 racing all [...]

My Pupusa Brings All The Boys To the Yard


Turns out my favorite Belizean food is traditional Salvadorian food. You see,  I have recently discovered the magic of The Pupusa. It took me a while to conquer the pronunciation but the gastronomical lovefest was instantaneous. More on that in a moment. First things first… I may have already mentioned that we stayed at the [...]

Like A Virgin But Not Quite


Last weekend was hardly the first New Orleans rodeo for this group of 40-something moms, not by a long shot. Some in our group are nawlins born and bred, some live there now, others have a vacation pad there, several are Jazzfest regulars, others went to Tulane, and some of us just choose to spend [...]

I’m Actually Better Looking At The Horseshoe Lounge

broken spoke

Flyfishing is my only real hobby simply because I can’t figure out how to claim honkytonking as an actual hobby. Cause then I’d have two. I love old honkytonk music, and I mean I L-O-V-E love it. Not to brag, but I know it pretty well too. Luckily my husband loves me loving it, he [...]

I Think Ikat, I Think Ikat

new living room

When I married the Professor we decided, for sanity’s sake, to keep our respective homes in Austin and Mobile and move into each other’s existing houses instead of muddling through the headache of selling and buying anything new. Cohabitating in two states is tricky enough. Plus we love both houses and both neighborhoods so it [...]

A Paper Anniversary


They grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s hard to believe that one year ago today my book, Paddlefish, was released out into the wild for public consumption. What a year it has been! I loved hitting the road for book signings and speaking engagements, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I can’t thank [...]

Columbus Day Seems as Good a Time as Any To Share This News


I am bursting to share some recent news…we have officially planned a family trip to Italy next June. It’ll be The Professor, Little Chick, my mom, my dad and myself. I promised my husband it wouldn’t consume our every waking conversation until after the new year, but here it is Columbus Day and all I [...]

Highbrow Academia Clearly Agrees With Me


Here’s the story about how I became a college professor…for a day. A few months ago I was contacted by Kevin Tankersley who teaches in the communications school at Baylor University. He had read my book Paddlefish and thought I would make a good guest lecturer in his Sports Journalism class, so he contacted me [...]

Doin’ The Charleston


We have just returned from a whirlwind trip (45 hours from wheels down to wheels up) to Charleston, SC. The Professor’s eldest nephew got married – the indisputable highlight of weekend – and we raced the clock at a frenetic pace to pack in as much old-fashioned fun as we possible could. I adore Charleston. [...]

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