I’m Not Nearly As Neurotic As a Coffee Shop Makes Me Feel

fly fish chick at bouldin coffee

I had a somewhat restrained violent temper tantrum Saturday evening because after being in the house writing and working for three whole days (after an extended Labor Day Weekend trip and a full three-month summer vacation) I was thoroughly stir crazy and sick to death of the place. This is a problem on the weekends [...]

When The Evening Sun Goes Down…

boots - Copy

The last time I saw Willie was at the Cattle Baron’s Ball in Dallas Texas about eight years ago. Needless to say I was long overdue to see the Texas outlaw live and last Saturday night did not disappoint. We saw him at the Windcreek Casino in Attmore AL. After much deliberation on which boots [...]

I Got My Song and I Got You With Me Tonight


  Just to be clear, no diamonds were sold in the making of this birthday bash — I mean let’s not get carried away. But I can tell you that yesterday in Luckenbach TX, there weren’t nobody feelin’ no pain, least of all us. And we barely even dipped into the Shiners, we were simply high on [...]

Chance to Win a Willie Nelson 2-disc CD set

willie nelson birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE! In honor of the red-headed stranger’s birthday, I am hosting a PADDLEFISH book promotion. The rules are simple. Buy a copy of PADDLEFISH right here anytime through this Friday 5/4 and your name will be entered into a drawing for this 2-disc CD set of Willie Nelson music. With 40 songs it [...]

Texas Teutonic

der lindenbaum 2

Some of you may not realize that Texas enjoys a rich German culture, especially here in the Hill Country. I never recognized how unique it was until friends would visit and marvel at the number of biergartens we have – and we do have quite a few. (Heaven knows I have logged many an hour [...]

Okay Fine, I’ll Tout The Sprout

sprout feature

Has anyone else noticed the current culinary love affair with the Brussel Sprout? I always thought of it as the out-of-town runt cousin of the already annoying cabbage. But the Brussel Sprout is officially having its moment in the spotlight. Perhaps the greatest ugly-duckling-turned-swan vegetable story of all time. The only love I had for [...]

Tables of Content


True to the multi-entendre title of this post, our al fresca lunch upon arrival in Big D this past Saturday was both substantial and satisfying. You see, I grew up in Dallas until the age of 12, lived there again in my 20s, and absolutely relish any and every chance I get to pop back [...]

Blend It Like Beckham

beckhams hood

Sometimes it’s hard to find another married couple with whom you can relate, but as you can clearly see, the Professor and I have a lot in common with Victoria and David Beckham. He’s arguably one of the most famous soccer players in history, she, the world’s most under-nourished former pop star. So there’s that, [...]

A Diablo Sandwich and A Dr. Pepper and Make It Fast

iphone pix 005

This weekend we ventured to the annual Texas Book Festival, with two key objectives: to get a signed cookbook with classic Texas fare and meet the mastermind behind one of the greatest movies of all time. Ancillary perks included dreamy weather, a delightfully mellow scene which was mandatory since Little Chick is recovering from a [...]

Salt Lickin’ My Wounds

sal lick bbq

I am feeling just a tinge sorry for myself because the Professor is on a guys’ trip in Montana hunting and (here comes the green-with-envy part) fishing as we speak. I think the Missouri is fishing pretty well right now so fingers crossed they will have some good dry fly action. Supposedly the hoppers and [...]

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