Just One Cast Away From a Cortisone Shot

The Professor and I just snuck out to Montana for a few heavenly days of vacation which was heavy on fall fishing, food and football. We fished the Big Hole with our friend Eric, co-owner of Sunrise Flyshop in Melrose. I’ve said it before, Eric is seriously one of the hardest working guides on the [...]

A Diablo Sandwich and A Dr. Pepper and Make It Fast

This weekend we ventured to the annual Texas Book Festival, with two key objectives: to get a signed cookbook with classic Texas fare and meet the mastermind behind one of the greatest movies of all time. Ancillary perks included dreamy weather, a delightfully mellow scene which was mandatory since Little Chick is recovering from a [...]


On Saturday, the Professor and I took advantage of a gorgeous morning in South Alabama and headed over to the boat launch to try and catch redfish on the fly. It was also the launch of our new motor.  You see, unfortunately a couple of weeks ago, the motor was stolen off our boat. It’s [...]

Would You Like Fries With That?

I am thrilled to announce that ‘PADDLEFISH’ is now available for purchase right here at flyfishchick.com and I would be more than happy to take your order. Click here if you’d like to order a signed copy and/or need me to write something custom in the front such as “Happy Birthday” or “Hold the Mayo” [...]

Salt Lickin’ My Wounds

I am feeling just a tinge sorry for myself because the Professor is on a guys’ trip in Montana hunting and (here comes the green-with-envy part) fishing as we speak. I think the Missouri is fishing pretty well right now so fingers crossed they will have some good dry fly action. Supposedly the hoppers and [...]

What’s Old Is New Again

To be clear, I am not saying we are old (quelle horreur!) but I believe it is a safe claim to say that all the chicks on my recent girls’ trip are enjoying a sense of rejuvenation after five days together on the New River in Virginia.   Yall may remember the inaugural Chicks Trip [...]

Family Style

It’s as if I placed the fly right in the middle of the dining room table. Like setting a platter of fried chicken in front of a hungry family, blessing-said, napkins in laps, rarin’ to eat. I saw this redfish tailing, aimed for it, and quickly realized there were actually three fish bearing down on [...]

Young Men And Fire

Just up river from the place where we love to fish on the Missouri River in Montana is the site of the 1949 Mann Gulch Fire. It’s near the Gates of the Mountain where Lewis Clark once came through in the Helena National Forrest. The fire claimed the lives of 13 firefighters, including 12 smokejumpers. [...]