The Great Race Is Finally Here.

Still gun-shy from last month’s race delay, I don’t want to jinx anything but it seems the Texas Water Safari is actually going to start tomorrow, July 10th at 9am. Ah! Can you believe it is finally time?? I am signing off from the blog until the race is done and I am back in [...]

Hardest Working Man In Fly Fishing

I have just returned from three days of fishing in Montana where the rivers are big sky high and the fish are eating way down low in funkytown. Despite these challenges we had a dynamite day fishing the Big Hole with guide and friend, Eric Thorson, who in our minds has officially earned the moniker [...]

Clif Notes

It’s been an interesting and chaotic few weeks. I am writing to you on my phone from the minneapolis airport so bear with me as I share the cliff note version of the recent roller coaster. Fifteen days ago we were geared up and ready for the texas water safari to take off. My dining [...]

On The Mend

I will be totally honest with you, I’m not great at mending my line. Give me an upstream mend…put a mend in it for me…get that line above your fly…don’t move the fly…too much mend…too little mend. Argh. I have never truly mastered the finesse of the mend. Too much, too little. But somewhere along [...]

Big Hole Short Report

38 degrees yesterday on the big hole. cold cold rain all day start to finish. fished with eric from sunrise flyshop in melrose who worked as hard as any guide has ever worked out there. miserable weather…epic fishing! caught brooks, cut, rainbow, browns. on streamers, nymphs and dries.more detail when my fingers thaw…HUGE thanks to [...]

Of All The Gin Joints

Today was our first day in Montana and we’d planned a full schedule of errands in Dillon. I was even going to hit the YMCA bright and early to knock out two hours of exercise. But a nutty travel day landed me here in MT in the middle of the nite with no luggage, no [...]

Getting Fit with Fitty

Meet my new best friend and sidekick, Fitty. No not that Fitty, this one: “Fitty” is a piece of luggage loaded with books and hand weights so it weighs exactly fifty pounds. And for the next couple of weeks I am going to be hauling it back and forth around my house to train for [...]

Triple Entendre: Run Off

Since I haven’t posted in awhile I thought I would cover a good bit of ground by bringing back the Triple Entendre. This post we’re looking at various meanings for the phrase Run Off. RUN OFF – As in Run Off and Join The Witness Protection Program or Maybe Even The Circus So if you’ve [...]

Carcasses and Canoes in South Texas

This was a big weekend for Team Paddlefish. It was the Texas Water Safari Marathon (aka, “The Prelim Race”) which is a 40-mile sprint from Cuero to Victoria. We decided to take this opportunity to load up as a team the day before and drive the length of the race route, scouting portages and logging [...]