The Wilhelm Scream

The Wilhelm Scream is a piece of stock sound footage that has been used over and over again in countless movies since 1951 to express moments of panic and peril . It’s even been in some really big budget movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman. Are actors so lazy they can’t scream for [...]

Playing Chicken With a Goose

Banning and I paddled 40 miles on the San Marcos today, so it’s hard to think all the way back to this morning when we were in the City Park parking lot gearing up and being harassed by a goose who was essentially trying to canoe-jack us. Banning got sick of it and decided to [...]


After a great day on the water in the Bahamas my dad and I were loitering around the dock waiting for my mom and Little Chick to retrieve us. Okay, truth be told he was dealing with all the gear, I was loitering. And I found this sun-bleached little crab claw… Photo and video editing [...]

Zero Budget For Seat Fillers

The Austin Fly Fishing Film Tour is just around the corner and while ticket sales have been on fuego since Day One, there are still tickets for sale online. Please make note that we are trying to raise money for charity so there isn’t a slush fund to hire fancy schmancy seat fillers to sit [...]

Life and Limb

Banning and I paddled the San Marcos today and had an absolute blast. Lots of obstacles and tricks & turns. The main theme of the day was trees. Hanging down in our faces, jutting up straight from the bottom of the river, growing horizontally across the river, fallen down and totally blocking our path. Log [...]

Seconds Please

I must say, my friend Clif grills up a mean steak on the Green Egg – arguably the perfect way to top off an afternoon we all spent trout fishing on some spring creeks in Montana a few summers ago. But that’s not all he has up his sleeve. With his new online publishing venture, [...]

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Feel free to spread this nugget through the rumor mill because it’s 100% true and it’s 100% good news. I am thrilled to announce that good friend Colleen Harvey with Heart Of Texas Kayaks has recently become a Team Paddlefish sponsor. But the fun doesn’t stop there! This Saturday April 10th Heart of Texas Kayaks [...]

Our Lady of The Guadalupe

Last weekend Little Chick and I ventured down to Gruene with some friends to shop, see bluebonnets and hear the Belleville Outfit play at Gruene Hall. But the first thing we did when we arrived in town? Visit my friend Tiffany at Gruene Outfitters. Tiffany Fluitt owns and operates Gruene Outfitters which offers all the [...]

Manskirts – Herd of Em?

Spare me all your kind-hearted emails pointing out all the typos in this post. I am exhausted, I am uninspired by reality, and my heart (and brain) are still somewhere in Live Oak Florida dancing under the fullish moon and Spanish moss. We spent the weekend camping and grooving to the music at Springfest. Those [...]

Bone of Contention

I would like to log a formal complaint to Someone In Charge: Why exactly did my bonefishing trip have to end? We had a spectacular time in Exuma. This year, for the first time ever Little Chick was invited to come along on the annual bonefishing trip. She loved it! And it was a treat [...]