He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Mayfly

Yesterday Banning and I did our first long training run, paddling just under 30 miles. To this point we’d only paddled on Town Lake, and seven or eight miles was our maximum. We joined Safari veteran and adventure racer, Debbie Richardson, who is in the middle of a seventeen day paddle journey covering the Colorado [...]

Ribs With A Side Of Trout

This past Tuesday I did a slideshow presentation for the Bay Area Fly Fishers in Mobile Alabama. The group meets monthly at Dreamland Barbecue to nosh on ribs, enjoy some beer, and talk about fishing. Sounds pretty dreamy – or dreamlandy—to me! I told stories about floating and camping on the Smith River and Blackfoot [...]

Lache Pas La Patate

Lache pas la patate, literal translation is “Don’t Let Go of the Potato.” But when uttered by a Cajun it means “Don’t Ever Give Up” – no doubt a regular battle cry for this hearty stock of people who embody good old-fashioned stick-to-it-tiveness. And gusto. And gumbo. So despite the fact that cold temps and [...]

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

I am traveling to Mobile tomorrow and working on my packing list: Now as yall know, I’ve had more than just a wee bit of bad luck with the weather getting in the way of recent winter redfishing attempts in Louisiana. But we are all set, once again, to fish in Hopedale this Sunday with [...]

Private Screening

Thanks so much to all of you for tuning in to watch ‘Adventure Guides’ on The Outdoor Channel this past weekend. I appreciate all of your kind comments, I really do. It’s all in good fun of course. But I was excited to see the show! With short notice I was hard-pressed to finagle a [...]

Just In Time For An Oscar Nod

The Headhunters episode of ‘Adventure Guides’ airs this weekend on the Outdoor Channel with a brief fishing cameo from your truly. Actually, it first aired this morning but I missed it because I was busy hoisting my canoe down to the water about to do an interview on Team Paddlefish for our local CBS affiliate. [...]

Pick A Number

Since the server has been acting bewitchy and I haven’t caught a fish to write about in ages, I’ve taken to cleaning out my desk drawers instead of writing blogposts. Okay fine, so we all know I wasn’t really cleaning, but I was in fact rifling through a drawer searching for a piece of stationery [...]