Little Chick’s Favorite Fishing Pants

Three years ago we wandered across the street from Little Chick’s school into a children’s athletic store called 1379. Almost immediately I found everything I needed for our trip to Montana, namely some Patagonia pants that fit her perfectly and were ideal for the boat – not too cool, not too warm, deflect a little [...]

Hunt for Red October

After a fun-filled Saturday replete with college football and backyard burgers, how does one spend a crisp, sunshiny October Sunday afternoon? Looking for redfish in the Mississippi marshes. The Professor has been doctoring up his skiff recently, adding latch systems in the front and back so he can use coolers as casting and poling platforms. [...]

I Wonder if Queen Elizabeth Will Remember Me

When I was in the fourth grade my family moved from Dallas to London where I attended an American school. My teacher was named Sheila Ihde and I absolutely worshipped her. Previously she taught for many years at St Albans, the prestigious boys school in Washington DC, so I think she was tickled to have [...]

Scattered Smothered & Covered

Anyone want to buy a house in South Austin? I will make you a really good deal! You see, I am just back from a three-day fishing trip in the Keys and even though the weather was disagreeable and the fishing was tough, I am officially nailing a FOR SALE sign in my front yard [...]

The Triple Entendre Is Back: “Sunrise”

1. Sunrise Flyshop, Melrose Montana I first crossed paths with the guys at Sunrise last May in Virginia City. I was on the girls fishing trip and we ventured off the ranch one evening for dinner at Banditos and a little entertainment at the Virginia City Follies. During intermission our not-so-subtle group of nine caused [...]

Wake Up And Smell The Canoe

If you’ve noticed the crickets chirping alone in here over the past week or so, I do apologize. But I have been uber-super-swamped pushing things forward for Team Paddlefish and our daunting quest to complete The Texas Water Safari. I have lots to report, but mostly want to shine a spotlight on two generous partners [...]

He Must Keep His Cape in His Dry Bag

This past summer The Professor and I were floating the Big Hole, leapfrogging section after section with another couple in a bright blue skiff. Sun was hot and fishing slowish. We cruised close enough at point for a brief exchange. He was a guide with a rare day off. We were from Texas & Alabama. [...]

Living on The Lamb

After floating the Madison, we couldn’t think of a better way to top off our day than dipping into Bandito’s for dinner up at the bar. Appetizers included Justin’s super delish margaritas (I’m a rocks-no-salt girl) and the Queso Fundido which has chorizo, potatoes, poblano chiles, onion and Monterey Jack cheese. Wrap it up in [...]