Caviar & Cocaine

More like Tombstone Pizza and Frog’s Fanny, but hey, I like to weave in a good Charlie Robison lyric when it suits….and this is certainly one of those times. Rolling Stone has been calling. My lawyers are all tied up in slander suits with the tabloids. Paparazzi are hiding in the alley and culling through my [...]

Baggage Claim to Brown Trout

After cooling my jets in Austin for a whopping six days, Little Chick and I hopped a silver bird back to Montana yesterday to spend a week with my mother. So far, there’s no rest for the weary on this trip. We landed in Bozeman, drove stright to the Safeway in Helena, unloaded the groceries at [...]

River Bank Robbers

We spent four days on The Missouri and almost every rising fish we found was tight to the bank – and I do mean tight to the bank. We’re not talking out in the parking lot or loitering on the steps of a local community bank. These fish weren’t handling petty cash in the lobby [...]

Hyde and Seek

After two and a half weeks in Montana I am back in Austin and it’s safe to say I am having withdrawal. I fished 15 out of 16 days and am suffering from social whirling disease, off-balance and completely unable to participate in conversations that involve topics other than trout. When I close my eyes [...]

Through Melrose Colored Glasses

From my perspective life is pretty rosy over here on the Big Hole. We spent the last two days fishing and finding all sorts of new friends in & around Melrose. Come to think of it, I always seem to meet good people in this town! We’ve been kickstarting our days at the Sunrise Flyshop [...]

Dirty Shame

Rolled into southwest Montana last Friday and The Professor and I went straight to Virginia City for dinner at Bandito’s. Do you think Justin is excited to see me or telling me to hit the bricks? We decided to interpret it as a warm welcome. The Professor ordered up one of Justin’s badass margaritas and as [...]

The Monster Mash

We did the mash. We did the monster mash. After a couple of tough days on the Missouri we were prepared for a fun float yesterday, managing expectations and hoping to drag a few up from the bottom of this swollen river. We ventured out late in the afternoon and it didn’t take long for [...]

Blue Ribbon Trout Water

The Missouri continued to rage at over 11,000 cfs yesterday so we had to go low. No, not with nymphs, but to the bottom of the cooler where the beer was really really cold. In fact while others had great success running teeny nymphs about ten feet down, we were stubbornly determined to catch them [...]

Gittin’ Craigy With It

Well my first day back in Craig was everything you’d hope for — other than a raging river about 10K cfs, lots of wind, and few rising fish. But conditions aside, it was a blast to see old friends and the fishing season in Camp Craig is in full swing. It was a highlight to [...]