Wash or Burn?

Be very very glad this is not a scratch and sniff blog. I am mentally, physically and emotionally crippled after three FANTASTIC days camping in Live Oak, FL at Springfest music festival. Some of you may recall 2008 Springfest was the Professor’s and my first date so this year marked 5 years we’ve been together! [...]

Slack Tide

In case I haven’t bumped into you recently let me go ahead and tell you what I’ve been telling everyone I encounter lately, “Did you know that I caught my first tarpon? Want to see a picture of my first tarpon? Yes, I actually did catch my first tarpon.” You see, it’s been so long [...]

Austin Is As Austin Does

After a quick dinner at the ever-delicious Woodland on hoppin’ South Congress, we cruised across the street to the greatest live music venue in all of history, The Continental Club. Venerable Austin musicians Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison (who are husband and wife in case you aren’t familiar) were playing a show as the CD release party [...]

Sorry For The Poddy Rocking

Whew! I made it through this podcast interview with Trout Unlimited without developing a case of Tourette’s and accidentally blurting out an obscenity or random thought about how french fries are really better for you than baked potatoes. (I am always trying to convince my husband of this.) And of course we are ALL lucky [...]

Lower Broad Strokes

Little Chick and I traveled to Nashville this weekend to visit my parents and see some of my high school friends — not to mention do some hard-hitting research for my honky tonk book project. One of the things I rarely do when home in Nashville is venture down to famed Lower Broadway where all [...]

Lord of the Rings

Last Labor Day weekend we were in Frontier Anglers in Dillon MT chatting it up with the owner, our good friend Tim Tollett. I don’t know how I could have missed this over the past few years but for the first time his ring caught my eye and I asked him if it was new. [...]

Johnny Fisher Got Me Hooked On Crackle

When the Professor and I got married two+ years ago I had the redhot idea of redecorating the guest room in Alabama by framing vintage record covers and hanging them on the wall. (Admittedly inspired by the bar area of Threadgill’s in Austin.) My new husband with his intuitive and creative eye green lighted the [...]

Honky Tonk High Tea

The first time I heard old school, classic honky tonk music here in Alabama was in a most unlikely spot: The Country Club of Mobile. It was February 2009 and some gracious friends threw an over-the-top fantastic party there for the Professor and me to celebrate our recent wedding. Knowing us (and me in particular?) [...]

Yall Come

Have you ever heard of Arlie Duff? He was a middle school teacher and songwriter from Texas, prominent in the 1950s, and garnered the nickname “The Singing School Teacher.” He only had one hit song of his own as a singer, Yall Come, an upbeat country staple that has been covered by a coterie of [...]

Big Love.

My friend Joe Willauer, who is a board member of the Big Hole Watershed, asked if I would talk a little about the organization’s efforts and asked me to share exactly why I love the Big Hole River. One might assume I am going to wax on with poetic descriptions of the Swiss-like mountainous views, [...]