Meanwhile, A Few Parishes Away…

Nothing screams “Gone Fishing in South Louisiana!” quite like a Moonpie Hat and camouflage. Not to mention a big ole redfish in your hands. And you make it all look good, baby! Hubba hubba. While I was gallivanting around New Orleans on my girls trip, the Professor and my dad were about an hour or [...]

Like A Virgin But Not Quite

Last weekend was hardly the first New Orleans rodeo for this group of 40-something moms, not by a long shot. Some in our group are nawlins born and bred, some live there now, others have a vacation pad there, several are Jazzfest regulars, others went to Tulane, and some of us just choose to spend [...]

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Don’t feel sorry for me when I tell you that we won’t be making our fall trip out to Montana this year. As blue as I am about it, I’d feel guilty if I stirred your pity for me, since the reason we can’t go is because we’ve added a very exciting trip to Belize [...]

Oh Yeah, We’re Realer Than The Easter Bunny. Word.

Have you ever seen this hilarious Diet Dr. Pepper commercial with the “I Exist!” support group that includes Santa, Big Foot, the Easter Bunny, a Leprechaun, and the Tooth Fairy? Well, clearly they forgot to invite another oft-dismissed, vaguely defined, and seemingly mythical cast of characters: Fly Fishing Bloggers. [CLICK HERE to watch the ad [...]

I Think Ikat, I Think Ikat

When I married the Professor we decided, for sanity’s sake, to keep our respective homes in Austin and Mobile and move into each other’s existing houses instead of muddling through the headache of selling and buying anything new. Cohabitating in two states is tricky enough. Plus we love both houses and both neighborhoods so it [...]

Mississippi Redfish Blues

Muddy waters. Just like our last trip over the Mississippi marsh in September, yesterday we found the water to be dingy and off color. While we did find one area with some clarity, overall the water was murky making it hard to sight fish for reds. We saw plenty of crabs, stingray, mullet and bait [...]

A Paper Anniversary

They grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s hard to believe that one year ago today my book, Paddlefish, was released out into the wild for public consumption. What a year it has been! I loved hitting the road for book signings and speaking engagements, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I can’t thank [...]

Highbrow Academia Clearly Agrees With Me

Here’s the story about how I became a college professor…for a day. A few months ago I was contacted by Kevin Tankersley who teaches in the communications school at Baylor University. He had read my book Paddlefish and thought I would make a good guest lecturer in his Sports Journalism class, so he contacted me [...]