Flip For It

Who wouldn’t flip head over heels for spring creek action like this? Apparently I’ve been living under a rock like some early stage larva nymph because I just discovered this cool fishing video yesterday while working like a madwoman (wasting time on StumbleUpon.) It’s by Todd Moen Creative and it’s called Heads or Tails. At [...]

High Tech in the Low Country

If you read my previous post you know we covered a lot of ground in Charleston last weekend. Unfortunately the only stone we left unturned was redfishing. It was hard to look out across those beautiful marshes and not have the time (or gear) to get out there and sneak up on some tailing reds… [...]

Doin’ The Charleston

We have just returned from a whirlwind trip (45 hours from wheels down to wheels up) to Charleston, SC. The Professor’s eldest nephew got married – the indisputable highlight of weekend – and we raced the clock at a frenetic pace to pack in as much old-fashioned fun as we possible could. I adore Charleston. [...]

Cure What Ails You

The other day I was emailing Little Chick’s teachers to let them know she would be missing a day of school in order to sit in on a college class at Baylor University where I have been asked to guest lecture. (Yes you will be hearing lots more about this next week, as I am [...]

I Sang Like A Bird

  The glare of the hot lights, the stark walls of the interrogation room closing in on me, the long hours, the lack of sleep…I told him everything he wanted to hear. Okay, okay, so it wasn’t like that at all. When Chris Hunt from the website, Eat More Brook Trout, asked if he could [...]

The Creole Quadrant

We were in Mobile last week and as part of my birthday celebration I had requested a morning on the water, redfishing over in Mississippi. Due to an abundance of Friday night birthday fun involving rich food, red wine, and decadent birthday cake, we were a little slower than planned out of the gate Saturday [...]

I Am Rooster Hear Me Crow

This year we brought something a little different along on our All Girls Fishing Trip: husbands. Our recurring Chick Trip has become the not-to-be-missed event on my calendar, I love this group so much. You may recall our inaugural journey out to Montana in 2009…replete with plenty of fishing and plenty of cooking and plenty [...]

Labor of Love

We flew out to Montana on Wednesday to kick off Labor Day weekend and I already know what you’re going to say. “Why the hell is she celebrating Labor Day since she spent the entire summer on vacation? What kind of labor is she taking a break from?” Well, stand down my friend and let [...]


Sorry for the crickets chirping in here lately, I have been hard at work playing camp counselor during Little Chick’s grand hurrah summer fandango. We spent the last week of summer vacation wearing out I-10 along the Gulf Coast. I decided she is way too accustom to airplane bathrooms and largely unfamiliar with roadside gas [...]