When The Evening Sun Goes Down…

The last time I saw Willie was at the Cattle Baron’s Ball in Dallas Texas about eight years ago. Needless to say I was long overdue to see the Texas outlaw live and last Saturday night did not disappoint. We saw him at the Windcreek Casino in Attmore AL. After much deliberation on which boots [...]

Speedpost. Go.

  If your todo list is anything like mine, you may want to go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of this to see a trout pic. But if you can stomach a little banter, saddle up and stick with me for a super-speedy, highlights-only report on our fantastic family vacation in Montana. But [...]

Down River Report

I feel like I am always blogging from behind, giving a retro wrap-up of what we’ve been up to. So as a change of pace I thought I would take a look down river, share what we have on tap in the near future. Rehab. Yesterday was my first full day without Bootsy Collins, the [...]

Mo Better

  When someone tells you the Missouri is “fishing so well right now it’s like the good old days”, it’s really a passive-aggressive way to mark their territory and let you know how long they’ve been fishing the Mo. I sort of hate-love this hierarchical pinging approach since I’ve been fishing the Mo since 1997. [...]

Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

  Because we like to put our friends on the spot, The Professor and I urged Eric and Ryan from Sunrise Flyshop to settle a marital debate that sprung up during our overnite in Melrose: Which one of us talks more in the driftboat? To be clear we’re both talkers, there’s no doubt about that. [...]

I Got My Song and I Got You With Me Tonight

  Just to be clear, no diamonds were sold in the making of this birthday bash — I mean let’s not get carried away. But I can tell you that yesterday in Luckenbach TX, there weren’t nobody feelin’ no pain, least of all us. And we barely even dipped into the Shiners, we were simply high on [...]

Turns Out Bootsy Collins is Both Funky and Fishy

Last we spoke I was settling into the news about my broken ankle and trying to navigate crutches without killing myself or someone else. (I swear I think crutches are merely an annuity program for orthopedic surgeons.) Despite having to travel through airports in wheelchairs at the mercy of Delta Airline subcontracted employees, some of [...]

Another View

A trophy and atrophy…at first glance these words are nearly identical, but rub your eyes, grab your readers, take another look and you will see that just a little gap completely changes the meaning. One symbolizes glory, triumph, champions, celebration. The other, withering uselessness. I am feeling a tinge of the latter these days. Yesterday [...]