The Best Of FFC

This ‘greatest hits’ list is wildly subjective but here are a few FLY FISH CHICK posts from the archives that are kinda fun to revisit from time to time. You may notice it was mostly fish fish fishing in the beginning, but these days I write about whatever stirs me…

Lone Star Trout — my very first post on FFC was about trout fishing in Texas

Missouri Loves Company — my second post on FFC was about trout fishing in Montana on the Missouri River, which after all these years I still consider to be my home water

Candy, Don’t Take It From A Stranger — this makes me fall off my chair laughing, I’m not sure anyone else finds this as funny as I do

Spirit of the Suwannee — this music festival was my first date with my now husband, lovingly referred to on this blog as The Professor

Is That a Bonefish in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me? — bonefishing in Exuma Bahamas

This Is No Longer a Vacation, It’s A Quest. — I swear this kind of thing only happens to me. This is why Parenting Magazine never asks me to write articles for them.

From The FFC Legal Department — ha! My family never gets tired of laughing about the time my dad was attacked by a shark while bonefishing in Exuma

River Bank Robbers — gluttonous slideshow of Montana trout on the Missouri River

Getting Fit With Fitty — my creative training regimine for the Texas Water Safari

Lache Pas La Patate — literal translation: Don’t Let Go Of The Potato. It’s a Cajun term meaning Don’t Give Up. The post is about our quest to redfish in Louisiana

On The Mend — Montana fishing

Kiss My Bass — hilarious experience filming an NBC Sports TV show called Bass 2 Billfish, we were bass fishing in Florida. Our audition video is my favorite part

Conspiracy To Cover Up — exposing more personal lunacy while getting ready for a Mexico girls trip. After mentioning designer Trina Turk in this post, I actually heard from her! Apparently she read it and laughed hysterically. So this post is basically endorsed┬áby a famous designer

I’m Not Nearly As Neurotic As a Coffee Shop Makes Me Feel — the hardship and hilarity of finding a place to write. And proof I shouldn’t leave the house unchaperoned




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